Back to the day job?!


I will soon be returning to my “day job” as a Communication Support Worker for the Deaf, well I go back on the 3rd of September. I entered the competition with i-to-i TEFL to gain a place in the Internship in China; sadly I did not win 😦 but I have now save the pennies and get myself all sorted and apply for next year!

I know that when I am back at work I will be be reading books; researching and thinking about Asia and what it will be like! I will work hard and do my job completely but I will be thinking about Lesson Plans, Calmers, Fillers, Warmers and Games! I will be thinking about what to take; from stationary to everything things.

I work in a school so using the lesson plans will be a good idea; also making (or copying) all the resources will be useful too.

There was a fellow member of staff who was a TEFL teacher; he worked with EF English. I used to to him all the time about his adventures in China. He was the one who opened my eyes to Asia and what it can give to me (or what I can give to Asia). I will need to find him on Facebook…

The book I told you about…



I am currently reading the copy from my local library; if I bought it from new it was be £15.99. A little expensive I feel but at this moment in time I will buy my own copy if and when I go to Hong Kong.

So people on the i-to-i TEFL boards have been saying that getting into a school in Hong Kong will be rather hard. I am going to read the book from China next. I just hope the library has it!

Should I try and learn the language before I go?

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Today I have been meeting some old University friends and I have been thinking about how different we all are. As in some of us have “grown up” much quicker and have found peace within ourselves. I am one of them; as I have improved myself by doing my TEFL qualification. I know that if I learnt the language; well have a try at learning the language. I have been thinking about learning Chinese; which dialect I have not decided yet as I don’t fully know which area I am going.

Have you ever thought of getting the basic of a language before you headed off on your TEFL adventure?! Is it worth it? I bet that it would make the settling in process easier if I did at least learn the basics. Actually I know that it would help me settle in; as I would be able to find out what “nut allergy” is and be able to read it on the packets!

Reading around TEFL Blogs…

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Today, while killing time waiting for a delivery to arrive (just to let you all know that it has still not arrived as I am writing this), I decided that I would have a wonder round the internet and have a read at some blogs written by fellow TEFLers. Here are sa few posts I found particularly interesting:

How I Traveled Europe on a Budget, I found on TEFL Bloggers and I felt that it was a good place to start. The post was written by Michelle Vogel and I felt that I would love to travel on a budget. However, I am not that good on living on a budget; but the post did give me some ideas on how I could do it.

TEFL Bloggers

Another blog post I read was written by my TEFL course provider i-to-i TEFL and the post was What’s Life as a TEFL Teacher Really Like?

I found this image amazing; she looks so happy and to be honest so do the kids. The image is of children in China; another one the places I want to teach in.

I have also started “following” many other TEFL Blogs here on WordPress – just have a look at “Blogs I Follow” section. Do you know anymore blogs I should be “following”or have a read of?! Please let me know

Hong Kong’s Mid-Autumn Festival…


I am currently reading the travel guide of Hong Kong by Lonely Planet. It is a very interesting read; I am enjoying it every much. Currently Asia, is my top favourite places to teach in. I am exciting about doing some more research before I make my decision.

Have you ever been to Hong Kong and taught there? Are you looking in to going there?


Hong Kong’s Mid-Autumn festival is a noisy, smoky delight for your senses with mooncakes, lanterns and dragons around every corner. Visit… for more information about Hong Kong.

Is this is start of something new?



Oh, hello blog readers! Welcome to my humble little TEFL-themed blog, here is where I’ll be posting (well, I will hoping to be posting) everything about my TEFL adventures (both in the UK and around the world) — everything from the decision making, the application process, the travel, the teaching — in the hopes of sharing my experience and encouraging others to take the same leap.

I am a thirty-something and I have done my TEFL training with i-to-i TEFL; I have completed the following:

  • 100 hourOnline TEFL course
  • 20 hour Grammar Awareness Course
  • Teaching English to Young Learners Course
  • Teaching with Limited Resources Course
  • Teaching Large Classes Course
  • Teaching English One-to-One Course

To see an up to date post about me; please head over to here