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Today, while killing time waiting for a delivery to arrive (just to let you all know that it has still not arrived as I am writing this), I decided that I would have a wonder round the internet and have a read at some blogs written by fellow TEFLers. Here are sa few posts I found particularly interesting:

How I Traveled Europe on a Budget, I found on TEFL Bloggers and I felt that it was a good place to start. The post was written by Michelle Vogel and I felt that I would love to travel on a budget. However, I am not that good on living on a budget; but the post did give me some ideas on how I could do it.

TEFL Bloggers

Another blog post I read was written by my TEFL course provider i-to-i TEFL and the post was What’s Life as a TEFL Teacher Really Like?

I found this image amazing; she looks so happy and to be honest so do the kids. The image is of children in China; another one the places I want to teach in.

I have also started “following” many other TEFL Blogs here on WordPress – just have a look at “Blogs I Follow” section. Do you know anymore blogs I should be “following”or have a read of?! Please let me know

Hong Kong’s Mid-Autumn Festival…


I am currently reading the travel guide of Hong Kong by Lonely Planet. It is a very interesting read; I am enjoying it every much. Currently Asia, is my top favourite places to teach in. I am exciting about doing some more research before I make my decision.

Have you ever been to Hong Kong and taught there? Are you looking in to going there?


Hong Kong’s Mid-Autumn festival is a noisy, smoky delight for your senses with mooncakes, lanterns and dragons around every corner. Visit… for more information about Hong Kong.