Should I try and learn the language before I go?

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Today I have been meeting some old University friends and I have been thinking about how different we all are. As in some of us have “grown up” much quicker and have found peace within ourselves. I am one of them; as I have improved myself by doing my TEFL qualification. I know that if I learnt the language; well have a try at learning the language. I have been thinking about learning Chinese; which dialect I have not decided yet as I don’t fully know which area I am going.

Have you ever thought of getting the basic of a language before you headed off on your TEFL adventure?! Is it worth it? I bet that it would make the settling in process easier if I did at least learn the basics. Actually I know that it would help me settle in; as I would be able to find out what “nut allergy” is and be able to read it on the packets!