Back to the day job?!


I will soon be returning to my “day job” as a Communication Support Worker for the Deaf, well I go back on the 3rd of September. I entered the competition with i-to-i TEFL to gain a place in the Internship in China; sadly I did not win 😦 but I have now save the pennies and get myself all sorted and apply for next year!

I know that when I am back at work I will be be reading books; researching and thinking about Asia and what it will be like! I will work hard and do my job completely but I will be thinking about Lesson Plans, Calmers, Fillers, Warmers and Games! I will be thinking about what to take; from stationary to everything things.

I work in a school so using the lesson plans will be a good idea; also making (or copying) all the resources will be useful too.

There was a fellow member of staff who was a TEFL teacher; he worked with EF English. I used to to him all the time about his adventures in China. He was the one who opened my eyes to Asia and what it can give to me (or what I can give to Asia). I will need to find him on Facebook…