Raising cash…


While sitting at a local car boot; where I am selling bits and bobs I no longer need. I have been thinking about ways I can raise cash to pay for my TEFL adventures. I have done very well today and I have only been here for nearly two hours. I have made my pitch back and now in profit. I am happy about this however, this is not always the case. I try to bring different things every time I come to a sale. I know that if I came every week people would remember me face and not buy from me as they had seen it all before.

Mum and I have been working our way through the storage in the loft and garage and selling off anything we think will make a profit. For example; this time I thought that my books and the clothes would go well but it is the leftover Avon stock I have got is flying! Next time the Avon stuff probably won’t sell!!

It does make me laugh sometimes!!

Doing more…


Well, I have done it! Just bought the “Teaching in Japan” specialist module from i-to-i TEFL. It is only 5 hours; but I will be able to do it quickly, well I hope to!
Has anyone else done this module? What do you think of it?

I have already done the test; got 85% (go me!!) but the assignment is what is getting me down. I want to write more than the 150 words that the answers are requesting.

I will doing the “Teaching in China” module too and then compare the two modules. I know that I would be welcome and comfortable in Asia as I will become healthier and happier within myself.

My sister-in-law, Jo, was talking to me about what I am going to do when my mom retires from Guiding (Girl Scouts in the UK) in April next year. To be honest I don’t know, I don’t know if I could continue without her. I want to save my cash and sell all my crafts – Handmade Crafts & Cards @ Etsy – I have I get some cash together.

Television…how different will it be?!



At this very moment in time I am watching the television; the World Rowing Championships in Chungju in Korea…it looks beautiful there! I love where the Championships is taking place, it looks so green. This has made me think about what television programmes I will or will not see when move abroad.


I was a fan of Big Brother when it first came out; watching it every day and night – is there an Asian version?! I wonder what it would be like. Who and where would it happen?! What about BONES; a programme I can watch over and over. I know that I would need to watch Soap Operas; for the “everyday language use” for the language of the country I teach in…

Are there any shows you would recommend? Or shows that you think you make me giggle; I love to have a good old laugh!