Bought myself a present…


Yep; I have been naughty! I have gone and bought myself two more Specialist Modules from i-to-i:


I want the best chance of getting a fantastic job!! In my head; more qualifications bigger and better chances!! Also I need your help people; what “big” module should I do next?


I only have three left to do…which one should I do next?!

Describing people, appearances


What a brilliant practical!! I better start saving photos of people!! Many thanks for posting this!!

Relax! Speak English


Look vs look like

look+ adjective (or an age)

look like+ noun or pronoun

ex: You look so young!

You look like a film star.

Fill in the gaps!

This photo doesn’t …………. you at all. When was it taken?

You……….. very young in this photo. How old were you?

Your brother…….. a rugby player. He’s enormous.

You……. tired. Why don’t you go to bed?


1. Age

mid-thirties, early seventies, about 20, late sixties, in his forties.

Note: we always say: He in his….. (age). He is in his mid-thirties/ She is in her….. (age). She is in her late sixties.

2. Height and build

tall, slim (thin in an attractive way), thin, skinny (thin in an unattractive way), short, overweight (polite word for fat), fat, medium height, well built.

3. Hair

fair, blonde, dark, grey hair (not white!), ponytail, fringe, long, short,  wavy, curly, straight, shoulder-length, bald…

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Christmas Abroad…



I have been thinking about what Christmas would be like if I was teaching abroad…here in the UK, my family and I have traditions when it comes to Christmas. I am not really a huge fan of Christmas as I celebrate Yule (which happens to be today!!) but it has been over three years since I was able to celebrate it fully! Mum and I go to Midnight Mass at the local Church on Christmas Eve; I am happy to go with her (I like singing the hymns) and then we come back and have Pork Pies and Pickles (I will have to see if they will be available in the countries I want to teach in)

20131221-111203.jpg something we have done for as long as I can remember. I worry about life will be like for my family when I am away teaching…I know that not every country and everyone in the countries celebrate Christmas.

Would I be able to have Christmas themed lessons? Or would I be able to celebrate it in the school?! I know that I will have to ask questions like that when I ever have my interview for teaching abroad. I have some resources that I have collected since I made the decision to teach English abroad; many from TES; a website for teachers here in the UK.

I wonder…would I be able to have a Christmas Tree in the class room or in the apartment? Would Christmas songs be able to be played or used for language practice?

I do wonder; do you?!

Some hints & tips I have found…


Today is very quiet here at work; and I have signed up to do TWO more Specialist Modules – Teaching in China and Thailand…I should start them either tomorrow or at the weekend.

However, as it is so quiet I thought that I would read some posts on the i-to- Chalkboard (I love the name for the forum…makes me smile everytime I read it); I thought that I would create a “Things to Remember” list for myself and have it here on my TEFL blog…what do you think? Good idea or not?

Here is what I have found:

“Take extra money; just in case it takes a while for the school to pay me”

oliverml mentioned this on his blog on the site; I will need to save up some more cash…

“Internet Access in China”

AnnElliott asked a question about this; I have heard many rumours about not being able to access certain websites like Facebook and LinkedIn…but I will keep looking out to see if the rumours are true or not…

“Teaching over Skype”

I have recently joined a Pen Pal site ( and I mentioned on my profile that I am a TEFL teacher; one of the new friends I have made as asked me to help her via Skype…I want to but I have had no voice for the last few days as I have been ill. It is coming back slowly. Does anyone have any experience of doing this? any tips?

Some light reading…



Well; hello everyone! Two posts in one day we are all very lucky! I have been off work sick today, so I decided to read (or re-read) some TEFL books. I have been stuck in bed all day (I know; lazy bones is I) I grabbed my Essential TEFL book from i-to-i; I have found it very interesting!! The book is By James Jenkin and Emma Foers. They are a pair of geniuses! I think that everyone should go and buy this book!!


However; I have been also looking on the iBooks on the iTunes Store…I found this book:


I have downloaded a sample of it as it costs £11.99. I understand that it can be used as a teaching aid but I think that I will read the sample before splashing out. So far Lessons in your Rucksack is very interesting!

I have also re-read this book:


Teaching With Chopsticks made me laugh and is one of the many reasons why I want to teach in Korea. I think if I can learn from the difficulties that Jon Teacher had; I can achieve there!

do you have any books I could read?!

Completed another Specialist Module…

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Well, I have completed another Specialist Module from i-to-i!! I have finished the Teaching in Spain Specialist Module; so I am now up to 110 hours (if I have worked it out properly). I have been thinking about what I am going to do when my mum retires…I want to save her as much money as possible and TEFLing around the world sounds like an amazing thing to do and save her money at the same time; as I will be living in another country.

As mum retires in April; I could apply for an internship through i-to-i. There are many places I would like to visit: China, Poland, Thailand and Vietnam. These are the places where i-to-i have internships in.

China is not until August 2014; the monthly allowance is 2,000RMB (which is about 202 GBP) but before I even start the internship I would have to budget 2,400RMB (about 242 GBP) for visa costs; however there will be a 2,500 RMB (about 252 GBP) bonus from the school at the end of the internship. So far so good…but I don’t know if I would work for 202 GBP each month. The cost of living is low in China and I would be all okay with that; as I would bring “British” things with me (like pain killers and tea bags) and only ask mum to send over some other items every now and again. However; I don’t need a degree for this internship, but if I was to apply for a job in China I would definitely need my degree then.

Five and half months in Poland sounds more my things; as it is a short flight and I could still talk to my family on the phone or over Skype. A living allowance of 7500 Polish Zlotys (which is about 760 GBP) split into 5 monthly instalments, and receive a 1000 PLN (100 GBP approx) bonus from the school at the end of the internship. I have been to Poland before with University and I would love to go back again. Five and half months away is not that much; I would gain experience and I would be able to apply for jobs further afield. I have been trying to learn Polish while I am working at my current job – it is difficult as I can only listen (“learn”) at the weekend. A private room in a shared apartment does sound appealing though…24/7 support in the country is also something that I would love as if I had any problems I would go straight to them.


  • A reputable teaching placement set up for you You’ll be placed with at least one other intern in your area
  • A monthly spending allowance for your living expenses You’ll receive a 12,000 Thai Baht every month as a living allowance. You’ll also receive a completion bonus of 5,000 THB at the end of the program
  • Accommodation provided You’ll live in a private bedroom in shared accommodation
  • Full in-country support With airport pickup and transfers, a full orientation upon arrival and a school contact to help you get settled, you’ll get all the support you need from the minute your plane touches down!
  • Fantastic 6-day orientation Your chance to mingle with other interns, enjoy a welcome dinner and a Thai cultural show, learn some basic Thai phrases and try some Thai dancing lessons!
  • City tour of Bangkok Visit some of the Key temples in this bustling city, combined with an afternoon in Khaosan Road

This is something more my thing; but I do not know if my mum could handle me being over there…I would be careful of the food but then that can happen anywhere…

  • A reputable internship setup for you 3.5 – 4 months teaching in Vietnam and heaps of practical teaching experience
  • In-country support + local support This is where you’ll see the benefit of travelling on an internship program. TTV are there to support you throughout your placement. You’ll also have a local contact at your school to help you with any issues
  • Monthly spending allowance You’ll receive a monthly allowance of 6million Dong + a further 6million Dong bonus from your school at the end of your internship. This allowance will be prorated (e.g. if you were to work half a month, for example, you’ll receive half a month’s allowance). It’s important to note that the cost of living in Vietnam is considerably lower than that in Western parts of the world – a bottle of mineral water can cost less than 10,000 Dong
  • Accommodation You’ll have a private room in a shared apartment with your fellow interns.
  • Comprehensive one-week orientation in Vietnam TTV will run you through the essentials of living and teaching in Vietnam, including in-depth presentations and workshops to ensure you’re ready to start teaching in Vietnam. TTV will also provide you with all of your meals during this period
  • 2 days of practical TEFL training When you arrive in Vietnam, i-to-i will provide you with the 20-hour Classroom Course during your orientation program – this way you can be sure that these essential, practical skills stay fresh in your mind!
  • Fun Vietnamese lessons You’ll have conversational Vietnamese lessons during your orientation to give you basic language skills to enjoy day-to-day life in Vietnam
  • Explore Vietnam – On arrival in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh, you’ll go on a tour of the city with our TTV partners! After your tour you’ll also have one free afternoon to explore – use your time to discover yummy Vietnamese street food and explore the bustling Asian streets – or if you’d prefer you can join our staff on a visit to a local market. If you’re still not tired then get ready for the evening entertainment ‘Vietnam style’, it’s the perfect chance to get to know the other interns (and make some good friends)!
  • Airport pick up and transfers to your school
  • Visa assistance TTV will help arrange your visa.
  • A network of new friends You’ll be joined by interns from the USA, UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and Europe, and you’ll also definitely be placed with at least one other intern so you’re not on your own – unless you want to be!

Important Visa Information:

You’ll enter Vietnam on a 3 month single-entry visa, for which TTV will send you a letter of invitation from the department of immigration which you print off and bring with you.

You’ll present this letter upon arrival and pay between US-$45-$50 in cash for your landing visa.

After 3 months, your visa will be extended in-country through sponsorship by your TTV program in association with the Ministry of Education and each participating school. The visa extension and work permit cost is US $350. This is payable in cash on arrival in Vietnam during orientation week.

You’ll also need to budget US$150 – $200 to have your documents notarised in your home country before arriving into Vietnam.

Sadly; the additional payments are something I would not be fully happy about. I would sell a lot of my things here in the UK; which I have already done…

What do you all think??

Teaching in Spain…


In my last post I mentioned IC Bilbao and that I follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. I am glad that I have bought (and I am now doing) the Teaching in Spain Specialist Module by the wonderful people at I-to-I, I am really enjoying it. I have decided that if I attended IC I would have the possibility to learn Spanish. I am happy to learn Spanish.

I have been searching for things I could do with the students when I start teaching…I found this video:

What do you all think? I think it is so cute…