Some hints & tips I have found…


Today is very quiet here at work; and I have signed up to do TWO more Specialist Modules – Teaching in China and Thailand…I should start them either tomorrow or at the weekend.

However, as it is so quiet I thought that I would read some posts on the i-to- Chalkboard (I love the name for the forum…makes me smile everytime I read it); I thought that I would create a “Things to Remember” list for myself and have it here on my TEFL blog…what do you think? Good idea or not?

Here is what I have found:

“Take extra money; just in case it takes a while for the school to pay me”

oliverml mentioned this on his blog on the site; I will need to save up some more cash…

“Internet Access in China”

AnnElliott asked a question about this; I have heard many rumours about not being able to access certain websites like Facebook and LinkedIn…but I will keep looking out to see if the rumours are true or not…

“Teaching over Skype”

I have recently joined a Pen Pal site ( and I mentioned on my profile that I am a TEFL teacher; one of the new friends I have made as asked me to help her via Skype…I want to but I have had no voice for the last few days as I have been ill. It is coming back slowly. Does anyone have any experience of doing this? any tips?