Christmas Abroad…



I have been thinking about what Christmas would be like if I was teaching abroad…here in the UK, my family and I have traditions when it comes to Christmas. I am not really a huge fan of Christmas as I celebrate Yule (which happens to be today!!) but it has been over three years since I was able to celebrate it fully! Mum and I go to Midnight Mass at the local Church on Christmas Eve; I am happy to go with her (I like singing the hymns) and then we come back and have Pork Pies and Pickles (I will have to see if they will be available in the countries I want to teach in)

20131221-111203.jpg something we have done for as long as I can remember. I worry about life will be like for my family when I am away teaching…I know that not every country and everyone in the countries celebrate Christmas.

Would I be able to have Christmas themed lessons? Or would I be able to celebrate it in the school?! I know that I will have to ask questions like that when I ever have my interview for teaching abroad. I have some resources that I have collected since I made the decision to teach English abroad; many from TES; a website for teachers here in the UK.

I wonder…would I be able to have a Christmas Tree in the class room or in the apartment? Would Christmas songs be able to be played or used for language practice?

I do wonder; do you?!