Bought myself a present…


Yep; I have been naughty! I have gone and bought myself two more Specialist Modules from i-to-i:


I want the best chance of getting a fantastic job!! In my head; more qualifications bigger and better chances!! Also I need your help people; what “big” module should I do next?


I only have three left to do…which one should I do next?!

Describing people, appearances


What a brilliant practical!! I better start saving photos of people!! Many thanks for posting this!!

Relax! Speak English


Look vs look like

look+ adjective (or an age)

look like+ noun or pronoun

ex: You look so young!

You look like a film star.

Fill in the gaps!

This photo doesn’t …………. you at all. When was it taken?

You……….. very young in this photo. How old were you?

Your brother…….. a rugby player. He’s enormous.

You……. tired. Why don’t you go to bed?


1. Age

mid-thirties, early seventies, about 20, late sixties, in his forties.

Note: we always say: He in his….. (age). He is in his mid-thirties/ She is in her….. (age). She is in her late sixties.

2. Height and build

tall, slim (thin in an attractive way), thin, skinny (thin in an unattractive way), short, overweight (polite word for fat), fat, medium height, well built.

3. Hair

fair, blonde, dark, grey hair (not white!), ponytail, fringe, long, short,  wavy, curly, straight, shoulder-length, bald…

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