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My TEFL Adventures Facebook Page

Yes; I have done it! I have created a FB page for my humble blog…I am hoping that if you are a member of Facebook and click on the “Like” button; which will spread the word of this little blog.

Crazy I know; but I thought that I would give it a try…

I kind of stole the idea from Kylie

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! (and another Webinar done…)


Firstly, I want to wish China a Happy New Year; Welcome to the Year of the Horse. Let’s hope that this year good well!

I love what Google have done for today:

Google - Chinese New YearI have only added the logo from the front page; how cute is that?

On the 29th I attended another i-to-i webinar ran by the funny Maire Crawford. The webinar was on Teaching One to One; I have done this webinar before but I felt that a refresher was needed. AS some of you may already know, I am currently working in a High School with Deaf children however, there is a high population of EAL students. I feel that I know that I could help them as well as working with my Deaf students. Some of the EAL students do come to me when they see me in any of their lessons; I am flattered that they feel they can come to me when they don’t understand what is happening in the class. I know that this webinar will not only help me with my Deaf students but with the EAL students too.

I would like to do some Online Teaching before I head abroad; do you think that is a good idea? People Per Hour may be a good idea right?

On the lighter side; I have been looking at some (more) videos of places I want to teach in…I found these videos about China that I thought I would share:

The World’s Biggest Chinese Restaurant!!! I really want to try this place out; I wonder how much it costs for a single person to eat there?!

(I may have already posted this video; but I could not remember or not…)


This is the first lesson of SooperFlexx; it looks amazing. The comment on the video on YouTube were an interesting read too.

Also today I rang I-to-I to discuss with them the Internship to China…

thumbs up

…I am REALLY keen now! Tom the  nice young man I spoke to this afternoon was very helpful. He settled my worries about the cost of doing the Internship – the more I-to-I TEFL Modules I do, the cheaper it will become. Excellent news right? I am so happy! I am now trying to find MORE ways of saving the cash, as I would have to paid for the Internship in one payment. Not the best thing for me, but I am willing to try!


New Horizon 1 Speaking +1- Hot Phone!


What a fab idea…adding to my lesson plan ideas! Many thanks for sharing!!

An Easy Distance

Do you have to create a speaking activity for a basic phone conversation? Out of ideas? Tired of memorization and fill-in the blanks? Here’s a fun idea to spruce up your classes’ phone conversations. I used this activity seven times, and it was wonderful each time. Students had fun, and the fifty minutes just flew by. Plus it involves almost no preparation on your part. It is possible to adapt this activity to New Horizon 2 Speaking +2 and New Horizon 3 Speaking +1 and +4 as well.

45 to 50 minutes

Purpose: To get your kids speaking, to learn the grammar point “Hello. This is …” and to get them to have fun so they forget that speaking is scary.

Prep: Two “phones” labeled “A” and “B.” You can use two toy cell phones or do what I did, make your own cut outs from cardboard (preferably red, which…

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Working, Working, Working…


While I have internet connection, I thought that I would download some episodes of one of my favourite TV shows – Stargate SG-1. I have watched all episodes from all ten series. But I thought that I would probably not be able to use iTunes if I was teach in Asia. I wonder if I could use an episode (or maybe a few) in a lesson…but I know almost every word so it could happen.

While the episodes are downloading, I decided that I needed to finish my Specialist Modules – Teaching in Thailand and Teaching in China. Out of the Destination Modules I will only have Teaching in South Korea left to do. I have never thought about South Korea; but I have received many postcards via Postcrossing from Korea – it looks lovely there. Have any of you guys been there or are working there? Are any of you on Postcrossing? If so, do you use the cards in your lessons? For pronunciation of countries or cities? That was what I would do with some of my cards…let me know what you think?

I have often wonder what the food would be like; I mean in Thailand. Is it similar to Chinese and Japanese food or is it the pole opposite? I have to be carefully with what I eat; things cooked in Nut Oil (of any kind) is a big no no for me! I also wonder if the travel insurance companies cover for a stint in hospital because of an allergic reaction?? Answers on a postcard people…

In the Module, I am currently at “Why Thais need English?” – As like many other countries, Thailand wants to participate actively in the international business world, for which English is essential. However, Thais also have an added need for English due to the large number of foreigners coming to their country. This is something I have never really thought of; then I have to think back to my “Leo days” (when I was a fan of Leonardo DiCaprio) and to Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason – I would not want anything like these events to happen to me. If I know that I could teach English so the people of Thailand could communicate and understand English, I would be a happier person.

I have now got “Like a Virgin” in my head; thanks Bridget Jones!

From the i-to-i blog…


I have been trying to share the following post with you all; but it seems not to be showing its head *confused face*. I have copied it instead; if you want to see the pretty pictures that i-to-i have added, please click on the title below:

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Teaching English as a Foreign Language
Published on: January 24, 2014
Author: i-to-i

There are many myths about teaching English as a foreign language which may put you off starting an adventure of a lifetime. BUT, have no fear – we are here to address these myths so you can put your mind at rest and get cracking!

1) TEFL doesn’t just involve teaching young children

Yes, the highest demand for people who are TEFL qualified is probably for teaching young children. However this does NOT in any way mean you will find it difficult to get a job teaching English to people of other ages. There is an increasingly high demand for people who can teach business English in the Middle East as well as teaching one-to-one in Asia. It all depends on your preference but one thing to keep in mind is that there is ALWAYS going to be people wanting/needing to learn English.

2) You don’t need to be able to speak the native language to teach in your country of choice

Many people think you have to know the local language of the destination you want to teach English as a foreign language in…wrong ,wrong, wrong! One of the main reasons schools and institutions abroad want native English speakers as teachers is because they want English to be spoken all the time in the classroom. Obviously knowing a little bit of the local language such as “please” and “thank you” wouldn’t be a disadvantage to you but you will easily pick up bits when you are out there.

3) You won’t be taking the local’s work

The whole point of you going to teach English abroad is to help the locals – not take their jobs! For you to teach the local people English will hopefully hugely benefit them in getting a suitable job (there is nothing more satisfying than seeing this happen!)

4) Teaching English as a Foreign Language is a great way to improve your employability when you return home (if you ever do!)

Anything from the teaching, the travelling, the learning about new cultures and experiencing them, to meeting new people, the satisfaction of knowing you’re making a difference to people’s lives and just how different living the TEFL life can be will all benefit you greatly for future employment. The skills you will develop are ones that will stay with you forever and shape you as a person, and you can pretty much guarantee it will make you stand out from the crowd!

5) TEFL isn’t just for young people

Some people who quite like the sound of teaching English as a foreign language think they are too old (you’re never too old!). Perhaps you want to go travelling and see places that you never got a chance to when you were younger – well TEFL could be a great way to fund this!

So, we hope we have helped you overcome some of your TEFL fears…now all there is to do is to start you TEFL journey today!

How much is the Internship…

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I have been wondering how much the China Internship actually is…I know that we will have to have about £600 for visas and cash for “living” until the allowance kicks in. Does anyone know that answer? I want to apply for the August intake; but I need to know how much money I will need to pay out before I head out…

I have found that flights to Shanghai vary; flying from any London based airport it varies from £589 to over £800, but if I flew from East Midlands (which is closer and I prefer it more) it would be over £1000. Flying from Manchester is in the middle of the two prices. I have been research return flights – August 20 to January 15 – this is the dates stated on the internship information. I know that the money I will receive during the Internship is not much, but I want to make a difference. Living is cheap in China; unless I buy Western food…

What do we all think?