2014 has begun…


Well, everyone…firstly, Happy New Year to you all! I hope that all of you had a nice festive period. It flew past too quickly for my liking. In a previous post I wrote that I had bought myself two more modules from i-to-i; currently I have 73 days left to complete them. *screams quietly*

Also I have decided to apply for the China Internship; after thinking about it a lot last night. I know that working with Deaf children is amazing; I love to see them achieve when they have learnt something new and exciting – I know that I will get the same feeling when I am teaching abroad.

I have gone through my old emails and found that august last year (as in 2013), I requested some information about the Internship in China – I printed it off, read it and made notes! On one email there was a link to this video:

It has been created by and I also read i-to-i’s blog post ; it is dated 2011, but I thought that it is still a good thing to read it. It has helped me a lot with making my decision. I am so going to send her postcards from China; if…no I should say WHEN I get to China.

I work with Julie; she is also TEFL qualified and she applied to work in Africa just over a year ago – she has also been helping me. She and I have used our TEFLing skills when it comes to doing group work with our Deaf children. It is funny how we can both make a lesson from just the topic. ‘Winging it’ is what we have been told that is…I called it using my TEFL knowledge and applying to my current job.

I have nothing to lose! My current job I can always come back to if need be; as Signers to help Deaf children in their schools are always needed. I have not home to worry about; nor family (as in my own – mum is retiring, it will save her some cash and my brother has a family of his own) to hold me back. I do volunteer with Girlguiding UK; but as mum is retiring (we both work in the same group) I have lost the excitement for it. I have been doing it since I was 18; with two and a bit years off when I was away at University; I could have grown out of it really…I may never know!