My TEFL Adventures Facebook Page

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My TEFL Adventures Facebook Page

Yes; I have done it! I have created a FB page for my humble blog…I am hoping that if you are a member of Facebook and click on the “Like” button; which will spread the word of this little blog.

Crazy I know; but I thought that I would give it a try…

I kind of stole the idea from Kylie

6 thoughts on “My TEFL Adventures Facebook Page

  1. Yay! Heading over to ‘like’ right now – I will do so from both my personal page and my blog page (I just figured out I can do that…!). I’m excited for both of us to see how using FB helps our blogs…!

    So far I’ve got 90 likes over the first few days although they are mostly my personal friends – but then again most of my followers on wordpress I don’t know in real life so maybe more of my friends will get to read my posts…. we’ll see.

    • I stole the idea from you; I should go and edit that really! I was reading a post by The Daily Post and it was talking about increasing traffic to my blog…I need to just start teaching now!

      • You didn’t ‘steal’ the idea at all!! Maybe I inspired you to go ahead and do it…! Did you download the free ebook on traffic? I’m reading it now – it’s full of things I know I should be doing but never do…

        When do you plan on starting teaching? If you have any questions about Thailand in particular please ask away!

      • I am thinking about this August; applying to go on the I-to-I China internship…need to save some pennies!

      • Exciting!! I taught in China for just a few weeks as part of my foundation degree – it’s an amazing country!

  2. I am keeping my fingers crossed! I REALLY need to get saving!! I have ‘liked’ you back as both blog and me!!

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