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Has anyone else tried this game? Yep it is a game; I have been trying to get a head start in Mandarin – Mind Snacks have an app which I have downloaded! Can’t speak a word but understand and read FORTY words so far!! Interesting right…

I think that the game is aimed at kids but I like it all the same! My work colleagues think I am strange for playing it but then I am a visual learner!!

Games in the classroom are fun!

4 thoughts on “Mind Snacks – Mandarin Learning

  1. I LOVE this game. I am almost done with it and I have learned so much! It is really good and motivational, and all the games are really fun. The variety is what makes it so fun to play.

  2. Hi, I’ve used MindSnacks for Mandarin as well. They are very creative and their design is beautiful! My favorite are the balloons where you have to pop matching word balloons before the screen fills up.

    I do feel a little ambivalent about their games, however. We know from neuroscience that a moderate level of stress is ideal for learning–too little and we are not alert, too much and our higher level functions shut down and the amygdala takes over. The way MindSnacks has tuned their games doesn’t allow you to get into a good steady rhythm…instead, they increase the pace until you can’t keep up. I often feel like I reach a nice pace where I wish I could stay for a while, but then it speeds up, I panic as I’m about to “die”, and then the game is over.

    The caveat is that I didn’t grow up as a major gamer, perhaps others enjoy this type of stress much more.


  3. Ooh the popping balloon game; I had forgot about that game…the increase in speed does get on my nerves a bit. I understand the reasoning behind it though.

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