Food?! Glorious Food?!

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I have never tried Sushi; never! I am little worried about trying it. It may be the thought of raw fish; but it is not like I would be eating a WHOLE fish! I know that there are Sushi with Veggies in them; what is that called?!

I would love to try Thai Curry; but what is the different between Red and Green Thai Curries?

I want to try some different Asian food before I head out there…are they any food ideas I could do at home? I know that what I make will be completely different than the authentic dish.

I do wonder about my nut allergy; would I have to splash out on Western food or risk getting ill?! I don’t know anyone who has the same allergy as me and have travelled to Asia. I know that Peanut oil is used there. Are EpiPens even used in Asia?!

3 thoughts on “Food?! Glorious Food?!

  1. I would definitely take your own epiPen if allowed. As far as sushi, you can get some that have cucumbers, avocado, cream cheese, or cooked shrimp…and there’s the option of a soy wrapper instead of seaweed! I can’t do the raw fish, but I’ve done the options I mentioned and it’s DELISH!

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