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I am also on BlogLovin’ (are you following us on there?) and I follow some TEFL blogs there. The I-to-I blog posted this: Long Distance Relationships

I read it and thought that I must get myself organised! I already have a Skype account; I will need to get mum one and teach her how to you it. I am not going to get her on Facebook or Twitter – I think that the sites would be a little too much for her to handle!

My brother works from home and uses Skype for work; he works for an American company here in the UK; so all is okay on that front.

As for my friends; I found that most of my friends are who I have as “friends” on Facebook are people I see at work or I met while away at Uni. Facebook will be the best way to keep them posted about my TEFL adventures. That is one of the reasons why I created the page for this blog (have you ‘liked’ it yet?!).

I have also got an Instagram account; see the images at the side of this blog. I know that when I am abroad more pictures will appear on there. Are you following me on Instagram – JemmaJH is the username…

So I think that I am a little more organised with the communication methods I need to have while teaching abroad. All I need now is go abroad…I better get back to my studies! I am almost there!!