One more module down…



Here is a section of certificate for my China Specialist Module…all excited! I am SO happy that I passed it second time around. I needed to add some more information and some examples on how I would boost my students confidence. I found a couple of videos uploaded by that I REALLY want to try out:

I am not a fan of loud noises; but it does look like a lot of fun…has anyone tried this teaching technique?

I am currently at…..drum roll please…

120 HOURS!!!

Yippie! I still have ten hours to go with Audio & Video Lessons module!

My Dear Fellow …


My Dear Fellow Teflers,

Sadly, I recently became a victim of a scam (Advance Fee Employment Fraud) involving what I thought was a perfectly legitimate EFL job. I went through the interview, via Skype, had the contract sent to me, photos of my accommodation were also sent. I suppose it’s perhaps best for me not to mention the company in question (I’m not sure if it’s allowed on this site); suffice to say that, apart from losing £200.00, I escaped with little damage done to my personal data etc.

The i-to-i help desk was a life-saver as their advice saved me from what could have been a far, far worse situation. Thank you so much you guy’s – you’re a God-send!

In our desire and passion to teach, to find that TEFL/EFL job that will fulfil our aspirations, we sometimes forget that there are, on the opposite side of the equation, individuals out there, cunning, immoral characters who are equally passionate about ruining our hopes and dreams, our aspirations through corruption and deceit – in short, scams!

My dear fellow Teflers, I ask you please to research carefully, keeping in mind the following websites when receiving what seem to be perfectly legitimate emails, from so-called EFL schools, Institutions etc.: (ESL Jobs Forum)

There is much more I could add, suffice to say that what has been written by sums it up far better than I ever could:

Teacher Tips: Beware of schools or agencies that ask you to send any kind of payment (for ‘application’, ‘visa processing’ etc.). NEVER send bank or credit card details to employers. Jobs that sound ‘too good to be true’ probably are! If any job advertiser requests money from you, please contact us immediately.

To be warned is to be prepared; all the very best in your job search and keep safe.

I recently found this on the I-to-I TEFL Chalkboard written by Sawas and I felt that should past it on! I am always worried about Scammers in the TEFL world. I now know to stay worried!

How am I doing!?


Hey everyone; sorry that I have not done much of my own blogging recently; I have been trying to find ways of raising some cash ready for my TEFL adventures (did you see what I did there?? hee hee); I am currently writing some “Houries” for People Per Hour – as anyone got any experience of “selling themselves” on this site? I have completed one job on there; but it was a book review and it did not take me as long to complete as I first thought…

I currently do Kleeneze to raise some funds; but I am thinking about stopping it as it is costing me more to do the job than making money from it. I have looked at Infinity Downline and Scentsy ; I have done Avon and I did not like it. I have even thought about Yankee Candles as I LOVE Yankee Candles and I know that I could sell them everyday of the week! I just wonder how I become a Distributor of them?!

Anyway; enough about how I am going to fund my adventures – how about in my TEFL studies? How am I doing?!

Well, on Friday I sent of my second attempt at my China Specialist Certificate assignment; fingers crossed I will have passed this time. I now have to wait until Monday for a tutor to mark it and return it to me. As I wait; I have FINALLY started on my “How to Teach Audio and Video Lessons” course; it is another 10 hours course. Hopefully I can complete it quicker than the other 10 hours course I have done in the past.


Where did all the free time go?!


I just hope that I will be as busy as Kylie…fingers crossed!


The blog updates have unintentionally become weekly for the time being while I figure out a new routine.  I used to be able to write during my free time at work but alas, the free time is no more now that I have what I have quickly started referring to as a proper job.  Not that my time teaching English wasn’t a real job – it most definitely was hard work at times – but now I have actual responsibilities and tasks to complete beyond having a book thrust in my direction and being told to plan something from nothing and to get it done by yesterday.

Ouch, I’m still pretty bitter about my old job.

I used to work a 40 hour week but only 18 of those hours were in fact face to face teaching hours.  The rest of the time was for planning, marking work and…

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A Change Of Plan…

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I have decided not to go abroad this year…it is the cost factor really! I would have had to splash out on over £1,500 for flights, visas and the payment for the internship. However, the good news is that I WILL go next year!! All I need to do is save £150 every month 150 times 12 = £1,700; which means I could pay for EVERYTHING and have a bit to spare.

It is now March; so in 17 months (let’s say that next year’s internship is at the same time – August) I should have £2,450 if I save strictly!! Positive I know!!

Is that possible to do?