A Change Of Plan…

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I have decided not to go abroad this year…it is the cost factor really! I would have had to splash out on over £1,500 for flights, visas and the payment for the internship. However, the good news is that I WILL go next year!! All I need to do is save £150 every month 150 times 12 = £1,700; which means I could pay for EVERYTHING and have a bit to spare.

It is now March; so in 17 months (let’s say that next year’s internship is at the same time – August) I should have £2,450 if I save strictly!! Positive I know!!

Is that possible to do?

7 thoughts on “A Change Of Plan…

  1. You’ll Definitly do it! For mine, I saved 50€ a week, it was difficult but I REALLY wanted to go… When you want something bad enough then you’ll save for it. 🙂

  2. Have you considered doing an online TEFL instead? As long as it includes a week of actual teaching in a class, it’ll do the trick nicely. A lot of internships sign you up for a job that you could get yourself on arrival, but they pay you a lot less. Feel free to message me if you want to discuss any options you might have.

    • Ooh I have thought about it; to get some experience under my belt before heading out…I will email you! Thank you

  3. ohhhh I feel your pain! I have decided to not go this year for the same reasons, going back to University killed my bank balance. But will head abroad in Summer 2015.

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