How am I doing!?


Hey everyone; sorry that I have not done much of my own blogging recently; I have been trying to find ways of raising some cash ready for my TEFL adventures (did you see what I did there?? hee hee); I am currently writing some “Houries” for People Per Hour – as anyone got any experience of “selling themselves” on this site? I have completed one job on there; but it was a book review and it did not take me as long to complete as I first thought…

I currently do Kleeneze to raise some funds; but I am thinking about stopping it as it is costing me more to do the job than making money from it. I have looked at Infinity Downline and Scentsy ; I have done Avon and I did not like it. I have even thought about Yankee Candles as I LOVE Yankee Candles and I know that I could sell them everyday of the week! I just wonder how I become a Distributor of them?!

Anyway; enough about how I am going to fund my adventures – how about in my TEFL studies? How am I doing?!

Well, on Friday I sent of my second attempt at my China Specialist Certificate assignment; fingers crossed I will have passed this time. I now have to wait until Monday for a tutor to mark it and return it to me. As I wait; I have FINALLY started on my “How to Teach Audio and Video Lessons” course; it is another 10 hours course. Hopefully I can complete it quicker than the other 10 hours course I have done in the past.