How do you write….


Hey everyone;

I have a question for you all:

How do you write a lesson plan using this information? (I am aiming at Intermediate/Advanced Students)

Bermuda Triangle

Label the stages of your lesson plan and be sure to include the following information:

What activities would you do before you have the students watch the video?
What vocabulary would you pre-teach and why? (Please list at least 6 words and explain your choices)
What ‘while viewing’ tasks would you use in your first viewing of the video?
What ‘while viewing tasks’ would you use in your second viewing of the video?
What post viewing tasks could you use? Please mention at least 3.

Here is how I have written it:


What activities would you do before you have the students watch the video?

As a class we could carry out a brief discussion on the topic of the Bermuda Triangle; if need be watch a piece of the video. We could also brainstorm some vocabulary what we all may think will be used within the video.

What vocabulary would you pre-teach and why? (Please list at least 6 words and explain your choices)

The vocabulary I would probably pre-teach would be:

  • any technical terms used within the video (Naval terms – hands, dead reckoning, military ranks)
  • wallowing
  • perished
  • reputation
  • deceptively
  • unexpectedly

I have chosen these six words/terms because the students could use most of the words when using their written work. The technical terms not as much in “everyday life” but it would help them understand who was who throughout the video


What ‘while viewing’ tasks would you use in your first viewing of the video?

I would ask them to think how they would feel if they were in the Bermuda Triangle; make some notes if possible.  Students can fill in the blanks with vocabulary they heard in the pre-viewing tasks or the students can listen for examples of grammatical structures and note them down.

What ‘while viewing tasks’ would you use in your second viewing of the video?

I would ask the students to now ‘think out of the box’ and write down what they would have done in that situation


What post viewing tasks could you use? Please mention at least 3.

Language Use:

I would get the students to write a ‘diary entry’ for one of the characters within the video – if needed; give them an example or a template to complete


I could get the students to complete a project to find more information on the Bermuda Triangle using the internet. Finding any stats or images.


I could ask the students can be asked to draw characters from the video or ask them to create a character that was upon the boat.

Zero To Hero – Day Fourteen: Deeper into the Blogosphere


I cannot believe that is is already day fourteen of my Blogging 101 journey – Zero To Hero…I have gained loads of new followers and read some amazing blogs. I never really believed or understood that there were some many people blogging out in the world. (You are all the best people in the world; you know that right?)


Today’s assignment: spend some time reading through the topics you follow, and follow five more blogs and/or topics that intrigue you as you read.

After “speaking” to Ivan @ Navigate: Searching in Existence *waves* about Reincarnation…it is a rather controversial topic where I am currently working in; to be honest it is in most of my local societies. I work in a “Multi Faith” school; but the ground that the school is placed upon is ‘owned’ by the local Christian Diocese; therefore the school has to have a member of the faith be in the school. I have no problems at all with that; but it seems that no other celebrations can be carried out. For example; some of my closest friends are celebrate Beltane – the Pagan festival of spring & new life. I have attended many events and celebrations to celebrate this holiday; however here at my work place I am not even allowed to mention the religion the celebration is linked to…

I made the decision to have a look at the topics of “Paganism”, “Reincarnation” and “New Age Lifestyle” to see what I could find…

There were many sites that discussed and even discarded the three topics above…it makes me sad that we are all living on the same planet and we can’t even get along!

I am a little behind on Zero to Hero (Days 11, 12 & 13)

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I am a little behind on my Zero To Hero blogging assignments; I am naughty I know. Having only the WP App to work from for the last two weeks has not been the best; finally I have access to a Desktop and the Operating Programme is not up to date (*screams at computer screen*).

Here is what I have been doing:

Day Eleven: Be a Good Neighbour

Today’s assignment: leave comments on at least four blogs that you’ve never commented on before.

I decided to have a look through my comments and “Blogs I follow” to see who I have not written on their blog…it seems that I have not been the best ‘neighbour’. I remembered that there is a list of the Blogs on the Blog Roll for the Blogging 101 class; I found some of the blogs from there. I commented on these blogs:

  1. Distinctly Denise – Write a Novel? Easier said than done!
  2. Deb’s World – Weekly photo challenge: Letters – a well travelled shopping list
  3. Bungling Housewife – Call Me, Maybe
  4. Soy Allergy Survivor – Helpful Websites and Apps for Food Allergies

Day Twelve: Be Inspired By the Community

Today’s assignment: write a post that builds on one of the comments you left yesterday. Don’t forget to link to the other blog!

Here is my post based on one of the comments I have made:

Denise at Distinctly Denise was talking about writing a novel; this is too something that I want to do.Well, actually I am in the process of writing a novel. It is aimed at Young Adults. I have writing it since November 2011. How do I know the exact month? Well; every year in November there is an event NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month. It is where people can write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. It is very hard and I have taken part every day. The most I ever wrote in 30 days was 38, 897 words. I have tried my hand at different genres of books. There is also two “camps” for NaNoWriMo – Camp NaNoWriMo – I have taken part on most of them too. I have tried to write a Science Fiction novel, Futuristic novel, Historical novel and a Satire/Humour novel. I really enjoyed the Satire/Humour novel. I wrote it as a NaNo pariticipant journalling her experiences. I completed that novel; but in December 2013 and not in the alotted time – oh dear! I hope to publish all my novels (and attempts when completed) onto Kindle Direct Publishing.

Could you all write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days? I challenge you this NOVEMBER!!!


Day Thirteen: Build a Better Blogroll

Today’s assignment: share links you love with a widget.


You may already seen that I have a “few” widgets (but unable to edit or more them around – I had a comment about it on Zero To Hero – Day Five: Love Your Theme; I have now rectified one of the comments mentioned)

I wonder if there are any more Widgets I could add…I thought about the current weather of the current place I am working it? Has anyone else done something similar? I wonder if there is a You Tube Widget or would I have to use a “Text Widget”? That is something I will need to think of…

I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award…

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Oooh how exciting! I have been nominated for the Liebster Award by Ivan @ Navigate: Searching in Existence *waves* Many thanks Ivan!

These are the rules:

The Liebster Award is awarded to bloggers with under 200 followers to try to promote their blog a little and also bring together a community of bloggers.

The rules of the competition are as follows:

  • The nominated user must provide a link bank to the person who nominated them.
  • Provide 11 facts about yourself.
  • Answer 11 questions set by the person who nominated you.
  • Choose 11 more people and ask them 11 questions.


11 Facts about me

  1. I am half Welsh and half English = British
  2. I am the oldest of two children
  3. I am fluent in British Sign Language
  4. I am a bit of an Autograph Collecting Nerd
  5. I have two cats = Sam & Gizmo
  6. I currently drive a red car (don’t ask me which make; it gets me from “A to B”)
  7. I LOVE James Bond films
  8. I used to play the Drums and Cello when I was younger
  9. I tried to learn how to play the Trumpet – did not work!
  10. I have TWO Bachelor of Arts degrees – Criminology & Sociology and British Sign Language
  11. I have an SEVERE allergy to Nuts!


11 answers for Ivan

1. What did you feel when you are informed you got nominated for the award?

Surprised Ivan; I had seen other people been nominated but I did not think that I would get one!

2. What is the best achievement you can have in your life?

Ooh that is a hard one Ivan;   I think that achieving a PhD in Linguistics from either University of Arizona or Penn State

3. Do you play any musical instrument? If yes, what instrument?

Nope not any more; unless you count my (okay) singing voice?!

4. How do you value life?

It is important and we should all seize it to the full!

5. What country do you want to spend your life?

Good question Ivan; I would love to spend the rest of my life flying from Asia back to Europe. China, Japan, Singapore, Philippines and Hong Kong are my top places I want to live in for the rest of my life.

6. Do you believe in reincarnation?

Yes definitely! I have been told that I have had at least three past lives – I loved Jenny Cockell‘s books about her past lives! (I actually know her)

7. What is the best blog (not post) you saw?

The best blog…ooh another hard question! Thanks Ivan…I would have to say CornishKylie: Teaching Adventures in Thailand

8. Do you like history?

Yes! I think that History is very important! It makes us what and who we are today!

9. When the last time you went to church?

On a regularly basis? Not for years; but I do attend church on “Births, Deaths and Marriages” – last November for Remembrance Sunday

10. Do you believe that aliens really exist?

Yeah I do; because if it is just us here on planet Earth it is an awful waste of space!

11. Why do you blog?

I blog because I want people to read my experiences and (if needed) to learn from them…also I love to write!

11 Questions for my Nominees

  1. Do you love to travel?
  2. Why do you blog?
  3. Do you sing in the shower?
  4. Have you had to learn a new language for work?
  5. Have you ever done anything crazy for charity?
  6. How do you feel about being nominated for the Liebster Award?
  7. What do you do when you are not blogging?
  8. Are you on Facebook?
  9. Do you tweet?
  10. Do you have an active lifestyle?
  11. What is your favourite recipe? (If you can, please can you post it too)



My 11 Nominees

  1. Drinking in Japan
  2. Little Kate, Big World
  3. Free Thailand
  4. Jill’s Scene
  5. Fitty’s Arty Blog
  6. On Road To Inkrichment
  7. Marie A Marvel
  8. Marlee Poppins in France
  9. Being Chelle
  10. Splinters
  11. English ESL Blog

Zero To Hero – Day Nine: inspired by my About page


Today’s assignment is to write a post inspired by your About page or widget.

Why do this?
■Because your About page is just the beginning of your story — your posts complete the tale.
■Because post ideas that come from your About page will speak to the key themes of your blog: useful for your readers, and useful for you in shaping your site.

However; I am feel that my “About Me” page (I decided not to have a widget yet; as I am currently using the WP App to write my posts) still needs “something extra” but I cannot put my finger on it (I love to use Idioms to confuse people). I do know that my “About page” is just a few important facts about myself, and that I had to think about a fact or facts that I had decided on to include or not to include. The particular words I chose to describe myself. I know that I have missed out the goals; but I have placed my achievements upon it. I am proud of my TEFLing qualifications.

I feel that I could improve it; please let me know what you think I need to add…

Everything You Need To Know About The Cost Of Living In… Japan


Everything You Need To Know About The Cost Of Living In… Japan.

Japan is amongst the most popular TEFL destinations in the world, and apart from being an extremely exciting place to visit, there’s generally a high demand for teachers in the area. Along with Korea and Taiwan, the average salaries are amongst the highest you can earn TEFLing anywhere in the world!

Japan is one of the places on my list of countries; it is the culture and the colours of the land that is attracting me…I saw this post on the and I want to share it with all of you


Zero to Hero – Day Five: Love Your Theme

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I use the Vagabond theme for this blog; it is travel themed with different languages on it! I had to buy it but I felt that it was not much to spend on an excellently design blog theme!!

What do you all think? It is a suitable theme for a TEFLing blog?! I thought it was when I first saw it. I wanted the blog to be of a “travel type theme” and when I saw the different languages I knew that this theme was for this blog!!


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Today I have been stressing about Audio & Video Module…I have to write a lesson plan using the video mentioned in the assignment. I wonder if anyone else has done this module and could point me in the right direction?!

I have not got long until my course has finished; I can extend it but it costs money. I don’t like to waste money when it comes to my education. I will need to show you all what I have got so far in the lesson plan…I will show you all later!

Do any of you use audio or video pieces in your lessons? I have been thinking of getting some Podcasts downloaded; what do you think? Good idea?! Do you know of any Podcasts or videos I could use?!

Zero To Hero: Day 4 – to new neighbours

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Today I decided that I needed to find some more TEFL and travelling themed blogs; The Daily Post people must have read my mind as that was today’s assignment is. It was to find FIVE new blogs to follow by searching Tags. I decided on “Teaching English”, “EFL” and “Hong Kong”. It was supposed to be only one Tag; but I wanted to break from the rules.

I have started following eight new blogs; over all three Tags. I am looking forward to receiving the posts onto my Reader here at WordPress. There are many TEFL themed blogs that I already follow as that was the first thing I did when I first started blogging my TEFL adventures.

Do you know of any other blogs I should be following it should I be following yours? Please leave the blog address in the comments below…