Been inspired by others…

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As some of you know I am not a TEFL teacher; well not a practicing one! I am fully qualified.

I want to VLog my TEFL adventures and I am in need of a video recording and editing programme…do you know of one; please post it below in the comments section.

As for gaining experience as a teacher I am looking for a site or online school that are looking for teachers. Do you know of any site or are you looking for yourself to practice?

In previous posts I have mentioned that I have “advertised myself” at People Per Hour and as of yet nothing has come from it; which has made me rather sad in some way. Are you on PPH?

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  1. Hi – I’ve recently just landed my first job abroad. I volunteered at an International Society (it was a charity but closely linked to the universities). I’ve seen quite a few adverts for online teachers but, for me anyway, getting up in front of a classroom (especially before I ended up also in a foreign country) really helped!

    Best of luck!


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