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Today I have been stressing about Audio & Video Module…I have to write a lesson plan using the video mentioned in the assignment. I wonder if anyone else has done this module and could point me in the right direction?!

I have not got long until my course has finished; I can extend it but it costs money. I don’t like to waste money when it comes to my education. I will need to show you all what I have got so far in the lesson plan…I will show you all later!

Do any of you use audio or video pieces in your lessons? I have been thinking of getting some Podcasts downloaded; what do you think? Good idea?! Do you know of any Podcasts or videos I could use?!

Zero To Hero: Day 4 – to new neighbours

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Today I decided that I needed to find some more TEFL and travelling themed blogs; The Daily Post people must have read my mind as that was today’s assignment is. It was to find FIVE new blogs to follow by searching Tags. I decided on “Teaching English”, “EFL” and “Hong Kong”. It was supposed to be only one Tag; but I wanted to break from the rules.

I have started following eight new blogs; over all three Tags. I am looking forward to receiving the posts onto my Reader here at WordPress. There are many TEFL themed blogs that I already follow as that was the first thing I did when I first started blogging my TEFL adventures.

Do you know of any other blogs I should be following it should I be following yours? Please leave the blog address in the comments below…