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Today I have been stressing about Audio & Video Module…I have to write a lesson plan using the video mentioned in the assignment. I wonder if anyone else has done this module and could point me in the right direction?!

I have not got long until my course has finished; I can extend it but it costs money. I don’t like to waste money when it comes to my education. I will need to show you all what I have got so far in the lesson plan…I will show you all later!

Do any of you use audio or video pieces in your lessons? I have been thinking of getting some Podcasts downloaded; what do you think? Good idea?! Do you know of any Podcasts or videos I could use?!

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  1. A lot of use use audio/visual in our lesson. There is one tech. blog I sometimes check out. I would be more than happy to help you, but I need you to be more specific.

  2. I can’t find it. I didn’t hit follow after I read and I can’t remember the tag. Tell the parameters for your assignment and I will give you suggestions.

  3. This may be a bit late…

    This website is brilliant for video based lessons :

    A good example of how you can use a combination of short films to look at one theme or how you can pull out multiple themes from one video. Full lesson plans and activities, although I always prefer to look at what has been planned and build my own lesson from that.

    I’ve used a lot of videos in my lessons, but usually with the more advanced classes as they have to actually understand the content for any learning to really happen.

    Another good resource are the ‘In Britain’ videos on youtube. They are about ten years old now so a little dated but the language is perfect for high school esl learners. I usually watch a video and write my own comprehension questions. Here’s a link to one so you can find more in the sidebar on youtube:

    OK, that is a LOT of information! If you like, you can always email me. I can’t write my email in the comment but it is my blog name – any questions, pointers to resources etc. I would be glad to help. Also, I’ve got lots of ebooks that I could send to you with lesson plans, games etc. You may not be starting teaching soon but if you’re anything like me you can get excited reading the books!!

    • It’s not too late don’t worry Kylie. Any help will be gracefully received. I will check the sites out that you have left here. Thank you for the help

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