Zero to Hero – Day Five: Love Your Theme

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I use the Vagabond theme for this blog; it is travel themed with different languages on it! I had to buy it but I felt that it was not much to spend on an excellently design blog theme!!

What do you all think? It is a suitable theme for a TEFLing blog?! I thought it was when I first saw it. I wanted the blog to be of a “travel type theme” and when I saw the different languages I knew that this theme was for this blog!!

4 thoughts on “Zero to Hero – Day Five: Love Your Theme

  1. I read your blog name and tagline, then I looked at the background and thought the theme fits it’s purpose.

  2. ¡Hola Jemma! I chose your blog as one to comment on today as part of the “Zerotohero” challenge. Why? I volunteer teach English to little ones at our local language school in Panama a couple of hours a week so your blog name interested me.

    I like your theme but if I have one criticism it would be when I hit the “Home” link I come to your “About” page. I found it difficult find your posts from there. A person with less experience with the interweb looking to read what you had to say would probably just give up instead of looking for your “Recent Posts” widget waaaayyy down the left side. My suggestion would be to either move your “Recent Posts” widget up or make your “About” a page of it’s own. You can link it from your “Home” page with a widget.

    Is this possible with this theme?

    Happy blogging!

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