Zero To Hero – Day Fourteen: Deeper into the Blogosphere


I cannot believe that is is already day fourteen of my Blogging 101 journey – Zero To Hero…I have gained loads of new followers and read some amazing blogs. I never really believed or understood that there were some many people blogging out in the world. (You are all the best people in the world; you know that right?)


Today’s assignment: spend some time reading through the topics you follow, and follow five more blogs and/or topics that intrigue you as you read.

After “speaking” to Ivan @ Navigate: Searching in Existence *waves* about Reincarnation…it is a rather controversial topic where I am currently working in; to be honest it is in most of my local societies. I work in a “Multi Faith” school; but the ground that the school is placed upon is ‘owned’ by the local Christian Diocese; therefore the school has to have a member of the faith be in the school. I have no problems at all with that; but it seems that no other celebrations can be carried out. For example; some of my closest friends are celebrate Beltane – the Pagan festival of spring & new life. I have attended many events and celebrations to celebrate this holiday; however here at my work place I am not even allowed to mention the religion the celebration is linked to…

I made the decision to have a look at the topics of “Paganism”, “Reincarnation” and “New Age Lifestyle” to see what I could find…

There were many sites that discussed and even discarded the three topics above…it makes me sad that we are all living on the same planet and we can’t even get along!