Wordle Wednesday: School


School has happened to most of us and possibly some of us are still learning. I have not always liked school as it was not fun. I believe that learning should be fun; as it was in Pre-School – ‘planning your own time’ activities.

Welcome to the second ‘Wordle Wednesday’ and in this week’s ‘cloud’ is all about school. What subjects we can do? What do we use or see at school?


Words used:

Answer, arithmetic, assignment, atlas, backpack, ballpoint pen, binder, blackboard, book, bookcase, bookmark, calculator, calendar, chalk, chalk board, class clown, classroom, clip board, coloured pencils, compass, computer, crayons, desk, dictionary, dividers, easel, encyclopaedia, English, eraser, exam, examination, experiment, file folder, flash cards, folder, gel pen, geography, globe, glossary, glue, glue stick, grades, gym, highlighter, history, hole punch, homework, ink, intelligent, keyboard, language, laptop, learning, lesson, library, lunch, lunch box, map, markers, math, mathematics, memo pad, memorise, notebook, pad of paper, paper, paper clip, paper punch, paste, pen, pencil, pencil pouch, pencil sharpener, physical education, portfolio, poster paint, principal, printer, project, protractor, pupil, push pin, question, quiz, reading, rubber bands, ruler, science, scissors, sharpener, smart, spiral notebook, stapler, staple remover, student, tape, teacher, test, thesaurus, think, vocabulary, watercolours, whiteboard, word problems, word processor, world map, writing

Remember if you like what you see; but would like another topic please contact me and I will see what I can do!

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Currently…(inspired by Kristin)

Comment 1 Standard

I have been wondering around the blogging universe this Bank Holiday as it has not stopped raining! It has been cold rain not warm rain; which I wish to be accustomed to. With this weather (which makes me sad, it is almost June?!) I thought I would find some items to blog about…

Here is one:



Kristin has created this idea (which I love by the way) and I wanted to do it with my Digital Scrapbooking skills but I never had the time…so I decided to blog about it instead.

WATCHING: well at this moment of typing this I am watching Andy Murray being interviewed at the French Open

READING: Beautiful Chaos by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl

LISTENING: City of Bones (The Mortal Instruments Book 1) by Cassandra Clare {yes I know it is not music, but hey}

MAKING: a scarf; using up some wool!

FEELING: a little down; but that is due to the weather!!

PLANNING: how many craft shows I can get in before Christmas…

LOVING: that it is Half Term and I can chill for a bit!

I have also been sorting my iTunes U ‘courses’ out; here are just nine of the ‘courses’ I am currently doing.


I have almost finished “Introduction to China” by The Open University. I have enjoyed it so far. The videos are interesting and are showing aspects of Chinese culture that I did not have much knowledge of. My laptop is RUBBISH so I use my phone for almost everything!

Idiom of the Week: “A Piece of Cake”

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This is my second ‘Idiom of the Week’ post and this week it is “A Piece of Cake”

The meaning of “a Piece of Cake” is when an activity that requires little effort to finish; a job that’s simple; easy. Or it could be when a task is easier to complete than previously expected.

However, the origin of the phase is just to be an expression to show the idea of simplicity. The question is: Why? What makes cake “easy,” anyways? Well, I doubt it’s referring to the cooking process involved with baking a cake, because whenever I make a cake (in any shape or form) it requires me to put in a fair bit of work. I have to crack eggs, mix them up in a bowl with flour and sugar, then set the temperature of the oven etc etc.

Okay, Okay I know that is not complicated, but it still requires me (and others) to put in some effort, so much so that some people don’t even care to bother with it. Which, can be me most of the time…I always make a mess when I am baking and I REALLY hate washing up!

Eating a cake, is much easier! I love eating cake as it tastes AMAZING. It is believe that this phrase goes back to at least the 1930s. The term is used by an American poet named Ogden Nash, who wrote Primrose Path in 1936. There’s a quote from it that reads:

Her picture’s in the papers now, And life’s a piece of cake.”
(Definition from Know Your Phase)

Voting Day…


Today here in the UK we are voting; voting for our next MEP! MEP?! Member of European Parliment. A part of me is thinking why should I vote as I could be abroad teaching soon as I am currently unsure about is happening with my job. Cuts, merges and job losses are on the horizon – it will give me a kick up the backside to get moving! So, should I vote or not?

I have decided that I will vote as our candidates seem rather interesting; I always wonder how the voting is carried out and how the votes are all counted. I always vote what my heart states when I arrive at the Polling Station. This year I found it hard; as the ballot form was over A4 size; it was massive! In theory; we are not supposed to state who we voted for; but I voted for a ‘Party’ that I have never voted for before. There are some parties I disagree with their views. It is scary to think that there may be a high percentage of British voters who will votes for these disagreeable parties.

Rock, Paper, Scissors (and other variants) should solve the countries problems; what do you think?

I do not think that I will be happy with whichever party wins a place in the European Parliament; just hope that it will make my (and the others around me) life better. Fingers crossed!!

Wordle Wednesday: Holiday


Firstly; I want to welcome you all to the first EVER Wordle Wednesday here at ‘My TEFL Adventures’…I am very excited about this; it has been a long time coming.

Today’s word cloud is all about holidays. What do we take on our holidays? How do we get there? The reason why I thought that the first ‘cloud’ should be all about holidays as here in the UK, this week my current working place breaks up for a Half Term (when I was at school this Half Term was called Whitsun Break). We all finish on Friday for one week and then we start the big push through until Mid-July.


Words Used: Abroad, Amusements, balcony, barbeque, bays, Beach, beach hut, beach-ball, beaches,beauty spot, bikini, Boat, brochures, Bucket, Bucket and Spade, Camera, Camping, Caravan, cliff, coast, Crab, cruise, cruising, deck-chair, destinations, dishes, Donkeys, excursion,explore, foreign currency, fun, guidebook, harbour, Holiday, holiday-makers, horizon, Hotel, Ice Cream, itinerary, kite, lifeguard, lighthouse, markets, Mediterranean, mountains, package tour, Paddling pool, palm tree, parasol, Passport, phrase-book, picturesque, pier, Plane, Postcard, resort, restaurants, rock, Rock pool, sand, Sand Castle, Sandals, Sandcastle, scenery, scuba diving, Sea, sea wall, Seagulls, seashell, Seaside, seaweed, Shells, sightseeing, Spade, Suitcase, Summer, sun, sunbathing, sun hat, Sunshine, Suntan, surf, Swimming, tan, towel, Travel, trip, unspoilt, view, villages, visa, wave

I hope that you have enjoyed the first Wordle Wednesday; remember to tune in next Wednesday for another Wordle Cloud…

Idiom of the Week: “Raining Cats and Dogs”


Hello and welcome to the first ‘Idiom of the Week’; for those who do not know what Idioms are; they are phrases which people use in the everyday speech which does not make sense literally but we all understand the mean. Clever right?

This week’s Idiom is “Raining cats and dogs”:


The meaning of ‘raining cats and dogs’ is raining very heavily. I would use this idiom when describing the weather. Elicit and repetition is always the best course of action when starting out with new vocabulary. Many people remember it because it’s such an odd expression and one which can conjure up quite entertaining images; can you imagine cats and dogs falling from the sky like in the image above? “It’s raining cats and dogs” is a perfect example of an idiom (that is one of the many reasons why I chose it to be the first one) and we have to remember not to take the sentence literally. The words in the sentence do not match up with the meaning of the sentence.

There is a joke that you could use when teaching this idiom:

Person A: It’s raining cats and dogs

Person B: Be careful you don’t step in a Poodle.

This joke could also be used when teaching Puns.

‘Raining cats and dogs’ is one of my all time favourite idioms; I use it a lot. I love the imagery it gives to us. Until next week; enjoy! If there is an idiom that you think should be featured as my ‘Idiom of the Week’ please let me know!

Coming Soon…


Hey Everyone;

After Blogging 101/Zero To Hero assignments that I have been completing over the last 30 days (I still cannot beieve that it has been 30 days; if only NaNoWriMo was that easy to complete?!) I have found that I can actually blog about something that is important to me and that I (and others) find interesting. You do all like reading this blog, right? One of the assignments  – Create a New Feature – was one of my favourites, as I have decided to create THREE:

  • Wordle Wednesday
  • Idiom of the Week
  • Q&A Buddies

Wordle Wednesday

Wordle is a toy for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text. You can tweak your clouds with different fonts, layouts, and color schemes. The images you create with Wordle are yours to use however you like. You can print them out, or save them to the Wordle gallery to share with your friends. – from the Wordle website

Every Wednesday I will be posting a “Wordle” word cloud; you are more than welcome to print them out and use them for your enjoyment. Excellent images for displays and for teaching. If you want me to create a Wordle Wednesday using your topic.

Idiom of the Week

Every Monday I will be posting an Idiom of the Week; there will be an image in which you are more than welcome to print them out and use them for your enjoyment or in your teaching.

Q&A Buddies

This will be done monthly; first day of the month. If you wish to be a part of the Q&A Buddies scheme please contact me. I will have TEN questions in which we give our answers; simple right?