Where do I go from here?

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Hey everyone; I thought that I would blog about my TEFLing adventures other the Zero To Hero assignments (which I am enjoying more than I thought I would). I am currently at 130 hours of my i-to-i TEFL qualification; therefore I am 10 hours over most of the job opportunities that i-to-i are advertising on the Jobs Board.

I have been sorting out my CV ready for my applications TEFL jobs; I have seen so many different examples on how to present my TEFL CV. I know that I can just add my TEFL qualification to my current CV as it is linked to Education (mostly Deaf related education though).

I have been job hunting on the i-to-i job board and I thought that doing a Summer Camp in Europe this summer to gain some teaching experience. I have printed off the information for a Summer Camp in Italy with Lingue Senza Frontiere. A part of the application I have to plan what activites to do with them using last year’s camp theme. Fantastic idea, right? However, this Summer camp involves acting. Drama is good; I like Drama but I don not have much experience in it. My colleagues at work have told me go for it; especially the Drama teachers. They tell me that I have a flair for Drama…to be honest I don’t fully believe them!

I have also seen an advert for teaching in Turkey with Teach to Travel Ltd; free housing is a plus though.

The internships in either China or Poland are what I really want to do. Poland is “Sold Out” and China is a little too close to the closing date to pay the required amount and book flights with; if you all remember the post I wrote about how much I would have to save each month to achieve the amount?! Even with my 130 hours; I will have to do an extra 20 hours in the country as a part of the internship. I am happy to do that! I am also looking into the Thailand internship.

Flight wise; I have decided, if I have enough Avios points I will travel by British Airways but if I do not I will be using Skyscanner for all my flying needs!

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  1. China has a LOT of job opportunities! A few of my friends worked there, and I taught in Taiwan. Be careful of internships, as a lot of them just use it as an excuse to pay you less and don’t give you any extra assistance. If you want to see a foreign culture and beautiful surroundings, then I’d heartily recommend Thailand. Again, the job market isn’t like back home, there are lots of jobs! Scary as it is, the best jobs are found once you’re in country. Forgive me for shamelessly plugging my book, but I wrote a guide to teaching in Thailand that you might want to check out.

  2. Check out the jobs on ajarn.com for jobs in Thailand. Oh, and I don’t know if yours does or not, but probably the most important thing people are looking for from a TEFL is that you’ve spent some time in a classroom as part of it. This is a good time of year for hiring; the lady I worked for in Thailand when I first arrived is looking for female teachers and offers short working hours. Gives you plenty of time to enjoy the country and enough money to do it. If you ever want to run a job prospect past me, do feel free.

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