Zero To Hero – Day 21: Calming Classroom

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Today’s assignment: publish a follow-up post inspired by your post from Day Nineteen. If applicable, publicize it on a social network.

Today’s assignment is to post something similar to Day 19; however I would love to be able to post a Audio File…I decided to find it on YouTube and post that. I have already posted many posts with Videos in.



I have always wanted to try playing music in the background of a class; when I was a child in Primary School one of my teachers had music playing and once a week we had a form of meditation. I felt wonderful afterwards; but then I was about ten or eleven?!

Has anyone else experienced having music played in the background of their classroom or have tried it? I have many CDs of ‘relaxation’ and ‘meditation’ music (as I meditate myself daily) and I would love to know what you all thought?

5 thoughts on “Zero To Hero – Day 21: Calming Classroom

  1. Beautiful piano music, thank you for posting it. I recently wrote two short stories and found listening to music while I wrote, really helped my writing. It’s incredible what power, music can have on you. It really got my mind into a creative mood and the two stories just seemed to flow out of me.

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