Keep Calm and… Prepare for Visa Bureaucracy


I am going to remember this article when I am applying for my Visas! I will stay calm!

Alisa Abramova

A couple of days ago I ran across a very interesting article from The Independent upon who is the luckiest to have complete access to almost all countries in the world without routine visa formalities. Although, it dates back to October 2013, it is still up-to-date, as there have been no major changes in visa policies, except for the Crimean conflict which is currently the reason why the Russians experience problems when entering Ukraine.


The compilers of the research took the overall number of 219 countries (I believe in this number they included partially recognized states like Abkhazia, North Cyprus, etc., as well as dependent states like Crown dependencies of the UK, e.g. the Isle of Man, Jersey, etc. Otherwise this figure can be argued).

So who is the winner?

Have you ever wondered how it is possible for James Bond to be able to travel around the world during…

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