Zero To Hero – Day 26: Extend Your Brand


Zero To Hero – Day 26: Extend Your Brand

Today’s assignment: extend your brand with one of the following: a custom Blavatar, a custom image widget, or a Facebook fan page.

Blavatar – I did not know what this was until I followed the steps on the Support Pages; and I did not realise but I already have an image that I am using as my Blavatar – it is the image of my ‘beautiful’ face. So I do not need to create one of them…

Custom Image Widget – I remember created my of images with PhotoShop on my Proboard and InvisionFree forum boards many years ago. I never though about creating some go on the blog…I would if the creator of the theme would be able to do some…I will do some research and find out…

I have already created a “fan page” for the blog on Facebook – I have posted this post as a Link…if you have not ‘Liked’ my page, please feel free to do so…I am happy to “Like” back!

Zero To Hero – Day 25: Save a Few Drafts


This was a draft which I wrote on my phone; but I was unable to post as I had no access to the internet it

Today’s assignment: look back over what you’ve published. What have you been most proud of? What are the common threads? Which have been most popular? Create and save at least two draft posts with ideas that come from those.

There are many posts that I am a proud of and some have surprised me with the amount of views and comments. I do have some drafts ready and waiting; nothing to do with Zero to Hero though. they are truly about my TEFL adventures. that is the main reason why I created this blog; was to journal my adventures and share my thoughts and feelings. I have two drafts ready and waiting to be published. One is a list of things I would like to take with me to remind me of home and the second is jobs I am thinking of applying for.

One thing that I have noticed about my published posts are that they are getting longer (slowly) which I am happy about; however I would love to have a post which would make people think…currently the draft of the list of things is getting longer as I am adding things to it all the time. Images; quotes and examples of what I would take with me.

Zero To Hero – Day 24: Publish a Roundup

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Today’s challenge: publish a roundup post that links to posts on at least three other blogs, and tell us why we should read your recommendations.

A roundup? What is a roundup? I don’t actually know; as I have never done one! However; WordPress state that “Roundup posts are collections of links to things you love — shouldn’t be the basis of your blogging, but they can be great add-ons. They’re less stressful and time intensive than generating an original post. They open new avenues of conversation. They attract new readers, and are highly share-able.”

This is going to be a hard and lengthy post as there are so many blogs I am currently loving and need you all to read and follow them. Most the blog below are ‘Travel’ or ‘Teaching’ themed; I do apologise for that. As after all this blog is all about my TEFL adventures…

Firstly, I have selected:

Cornish Kylie – Teaching adventures in Thailand

Kylie’s blog was one of the first few blogs based on TEFLing that I started following. Kylie is currently in Thailand; which is one of the places I have been interested in Teaching in. One of the posts that Kylie has written that has stuck in my mind was published on September, 28 2013 – Five for Friday; myths about TEFL teaching. This post has made me think about TEFL teaching more. It was one of the many reasons why I have done the extra modules via i-to-t TEFL.

 Nerd in the Brain

 I have only recently started following Nerd in the Brain; it is a wonderful insight into home schooling. Fab resources and clever ideas for children. I know that I am going to use some of them when I am travelling – especially this idea about NEDs – wonderful for the students’ responsibilities.


Where’s My Backpack

This is another blog I have only recently started following; I love the weekly themes that Ailsa creates…it is good to see what is around the world with the themes! An excellent blog for Photographers to build their portfolio.