Zero to Hero – Day 27: Build On the Popular

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Today’s assignment: find the post that has received the most views, likes, or comments, and write a related follow-up post.

I was hoping that a post that would involve my Stats would come up soon; as I have been watching my Stats closely. I love to know what people have said, what they have looked at and where they are from.

I think the technology of the Stats is epic, as I feel that it brings me closer to my readers. Does anyone find that?

Here are what I have seen (Please note that these images were taken yesterday)

Averages per Day

From this I am guessing that on average I get 16 views a day; which I would love to increase

Months & Years

Also since starting Zero to Hero my visitors has increased LOADS! I wonder how many visitors I will have on my “Blog-anniversary” in August…

The most visited post; other than my “Home Page” it was my entry for Ailsa’s Travel Theme – Close Up…I am definitely continue doing these themes! Very creative! This post had 13 views in the last SEVEN days!

After reading this, I decided to look at the “all time” stats for the most visited post…which was:

Home Page had 483 visits and About Me with 99 visits and my Liebster Award Entry had 32 visits!

I LOVE stats!!!

3 thoughts on “Zero to Hero – Day 27: Build On the Popular

  1. I like looking at the stats too, but sometimes they make me a little crazy! The Zero to Hero class has definitely driven my stats up up up so I’m not sure what I’ll be looking at once this class is over.

  2. My stats make me cry. And my ego. 😦

    That said, ZtH has helped a bit as has actually publishing content. So maybe I should give it more time.

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