Wordle Wednesday: Holiday


Firstly; I want to welcome you all to the first EVER Wordle Wednesday here at ‘My TEFL Adventures’…I am very excited about this; it has been a long time coming.

Today’s word cloud is all about holidays. What do we take on our holidays? How do we get there? The reason why I thought that the first ‘cloud’ should be all about holidays as here in the UK, this week my current working place breaks up for a Half Term (when I was at school this Half Term was called Whitsun Break). We all finish on Friday for one week and then we start the big push through until Mid-July.


Words Used: Abroad, Amusements, balcony, barbeque, bays, Beach, beach hut, beach-ball, beaches,beauty spot, bikini, Boat, brochures, Bucket, Bucket and Spade, Camera, Camping, Caravan, cliff, coast, Crab, cruise, cruising, deck-chair, destinations, dishes, Donkeys, excursion,explore, foreign currency, fun, guidebook, harbour, Holiday, holiday-makers, horizon, Hotel, Ice Cream, itinerary, kite, lifeguard, lighthouse, markets, Mediterranean, mountains, package tour, Paddling pool, palm tree, parasol, Passport, phrase-book, picturesque, pier, Plane, Postcard, resort, restaurants, rock, Rock pool, sand, Sand Castle, Sandals, Sandcastle, scenery, scuba diving, Sea, sea wall, Seagulls, seashell, Seaside, seaweed, Shells, sightseeing, Spade, Suitcase, Summer, sun, sunbathing, sun hat, Sunshine, Suntan, surf, Swimming, tan, towel, Travel, trip, unspoilt, view, villages, visa, wave

I hope that you have enjoyed the first Wordle Wednesday; remember to tune in next Wednesday for another Wordle Cloud…