Wordle Wednesday: School


School has happened to most of us and possibly some of us are still learning. I have not always liked school as it was not fun. I believe that learning should be fun; as it was in Pre-School – ‘planning your own time’ activities.

Welcome to the second ‘Wordle Wednesday’ and in this week’s ‘cloud’ is all about school. What subjects we can do? What do we use or see at school?


Words used:

Answer, arithmetic, assignment, atlas, backpack, ballpoint pen, binder, blackboard, book, bookcase, bookmark, calculator, calendar, chalk, chalk board, class clown, classroom, clip board, coloured pencils, compass, computer, crayons, desk, dictionary, dividers, easel, encyclopaedia, English, eraser, exam, examination, experiment, file folder, flash cards, folder, gel pen, geography, globe, glossary, glue, glue stick, grades, gym, highlighter, history, hole punch, homework, ink, intelligent, keyboard, language, laptop, learning, lesson, library, lunch, lunch box, map, markers, math, mathematics, memo pad, memorise, notebook, pad of paper, paper, paper clip, paper punch, paste, pen, pencil, pencil pouch, pencil sharpener, physical education, portfolio, poster paint, principal, printer, project, protractor, pupil, push pin, question, quiz, reading, rubber bands, ruler, science, scissors, sharpener, smart, spiral notebook, stapler, staple remover, student, tape, teacher, test, thesaurus, think, vocabulary, watercolours, whiteboard, word problems, word processor, world map, writing

Remember if you like what you see; but would like another topic please contact me and I will see what I can do!

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