Are you a Wild Sister?!

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untitled The Wild Sisterhood is an online community created especially for women who want to love themselves, follow their bliss + change the world.

Hello everyone;

For the last few months I have been a “Wild Sister” created by the beautiful Jen Saunders all the way from sunny Australia. She is a blogger and she calls herself “A li’l bit geek, li’l bit hippy, I blend self-love + spiritual musings with kick ass empowerment + a hell-yeah attitude” I just love her positiveness! It rubs off on me. I started ‘following’ her around the same time as I started this blog. I think deep down that she was one of the many reasons why I created it; as I knew that there were like myself who are studying TEFL and I wanting to express our feelings.

I have completed the 21 Days of Abundance and Create Your eMag in 4 Weeks through Wild Sister and I am looking forward to doing Devoted To Self course which is coming soon. There is a link on the left hand side of this blog where you can click to join the CYM4W course. I have enjoyed the courses a lot and have made me a better person! Here you can buy the eMagazines, pay for the 21DOA or just the CYM4W courses; or even HAVE IT ALL!

Becoming a Wild Sister, I have created a new path for myself; I know believe in and truly love myself. I am always checking out the Wild Sisterhood Facebook Group; which I joined when I joined Wild Sisterhood. In a way it is a home from home on Facebook. I may not post on the group very often but I do read the messages that are posted up there.

I am so HAPPY that I found Jen and the rest of my Wild Sisters! I am a happier person because of them all!  P.s. My eMagazine will be available soon…details to follow!

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