Wordle Wednesday: Transport

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As the holidays will soon be upon us; we are all starting to think of what we are going to do and where we are going to do these activities. That is why this week’s edition of Wordle Wednesday is all about TRANSPORT.

Cloud made using Word It Out

Cloud made using Word It Out


Word List:

aerial tramway, aircraft, aircraft carrier, airplane, ambulance, amphibious vehicle, armored car, auto, automobile, baby carriage, balloon, bathyscaphe, barge, barrow, battleship, bicycle, bike, biplane, blimp, boat, bobsled, bomber, boxcar, broomstick, buggy, bulldozer, bullet train, bus, cab, cabin cruiser, cable car, caboose, camper, canoe, car, caravan, caravel, cargo ship, carriage, carrier, cart, catamaran, chairlift, chariot, chopper, clipper ship, clunker, coach, compact car, combine, compact car, Conestoga wagon, container ship, convertible, conveyance, conveyor belt, convoy, coupe, covered wagon, crane, crop duster, cruise ship, cruiser, cutter, cycle, delivery truck, delivery van, destroyer, diesel truck, dinghy, dirigible, dirt bike, diving bell, dog cart, dogsled, donkey cart, dray, driver, dugout canoe, dump truck, earth mover, eighteenwheeler, electric car, elevated railroad, elevator, engine, escalator, express train, ferry, fireboat, fire engine, fishing boat, flatbed truck, forklift, four-door, four-wheel drive, four-by-four, freighter, freight, train, frigate, funicular railway, galleon, garbage truck, glider, go-cart, golf cart, gondola, gondola lift, gridlock, handcar, hang glider, hansom cab, hardtop, harvester, hatchback, haul, haywagon, hearse, helicopter, hook and ladder truck, hovercraft, hot-air balloon, hot rod, houseboat, hull, humvee, hybrid, hydrofoil, hydroplane, ice boat, ice breaker, jalopy, jeep, jet, jet boat, jetliner, journey, jet pack, jet ski, jumbo jet, junk, kayak, ketch, landing craft, lifeboat, life raft, light rail, limo, limousine, litter, locomotive, lorry, low-rider, magic carpet, maglev, mast, minesweeper, minibus, minivan, model T, monorail, moped, motor, motorcar, motorboat, motorcycle, motor home, mountain bike, narrowboat, oar, ocean liner, off-road vehicle, oil tanker, outboard motor, outrigger canoe, oxcart, paddle, paddlewheeler, parachute, passenger, patrol car, pedal boat, pickup truck, pilot, plane, police car, power boat, prairie schooner, propeller, PT boat, pumper truck, punt, push cart, racecar, racing car, raft, ragtop, railroad, railway, rapid transit, recreational vehicle, rickshaw, ride, riverboat, roadster, rocket, rover, rowboat, rudder, runabout, sail, sailboat, satellite, school bus, schooner, scooter, scull, seaplane, sedan, sedan chair, Segway, semi, shuttle, side wheeler, skiff, ski lift, ski tow, sled, sledge, sleigh, snow cat, snowmobile, snowplow, spaceship, space shuttle, speedboat, sports car, sport-utility vehicle, squad car, stagecoach, station wagon, steamboat, steamship, stretch limo, stock car, stroller, subcompact, submarine, submersible, subway, surrey, SUV, tank, tanker, taxi, taxicab, T-bar lift, thresher, tire, toboggan, town car, tow truck, tracks, tractor, tractor-trailer, trail bike, trailer, train, tram, tramway, transit, trawler, tricycle, trolley, truck, tugboat, two-door, U-boat, ultralight craft, unicycle, van, vehicle, vespa, vessel, wagon, warship, wheel, wheelbarrow, wheelchair, windjammer, windshield, wreck, yacht, yawl, Zamboni, zeppelin

Some of these modes of transport, I have never heard of…but it would be fantastic to try them all out right? To add some humour into transport lesson you could have the students arriving on any of these modes of transport.


2 thoughts on “Wordle Wednesday: Transport

  1. Nice thought. I wonder if I had taken my driving test in a U-Boat, I would have passed first time? It took me 3 goes in a car.

    • I passed my car driving test second time; however minibus test once – very strange. Thank you for the comment Hugh

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