I have just notice the date…


It is now Wednesday here and I have noted posted this week’s edition of Idiom of the Week – bad blogger is I! I am so sorry about that everyone. It should be up by the end of the day along with this week’s Wordless Wednesday.

Life has been a little hectic; as everything should be ‘slowly’ down ready for the Summer. However; not for me. It seems that pressure is building upon my shoulders which is not nice in any shape or for. Also Camp NaNoWriMo has started. I am only aiming for 15,000 words; one chapter of my Young Adult novel. Fingers crossed!

I have been promoting the Devotion to Self course at Wild Sisterhood – here is some more promoting…

Devotion to Self gives you tools and rituals to activate your connection to your Divinity / Soul / the Universe {or whatever term you prefer to call that all-knowing, all-loving Oneness}, which you can use anytime you need guidance or a reminder that you are love.

This is about more than learning to love your body or being your own BFF. This is about realizing that you are a cosmic masterpiece, that you are Divine – right down to your every cell.

It’s about going within, shifting perceptions and living from your core.

Devotion to Self will give you soulful guidance and practical tools to awaken self love of the deepest, truest kind. When you connect with the part of you that always knows you are enough, that is full of infinite wisdom and truth, you never have to look outside of yourself for love, answers or validation again.

If you are interested; click the link above!!