Wordle Wednesday: Britain (Objects)

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Being a person from Britain; I decided that this week’s Wordle Wednesday is all about Britain. I have found that whenever I tell people I am British (after I have corrected them that I am not English – I’m Welsh), they always ask me if I know their relative who is in London. However; London is over 60 miles away from where I am currently living. I don’t even know all the people in my Village. I decided that I would split this theme into a few posts; so this week it is all about OBJECTS.

wordcloud-britain objects

Word List:

24-Hour, 999, A-Level, Abbatoir, Aeroplane, AGM, Aluminum, American Football, Autocue, Autumn, B&B, Bank-Holiday, Bar-Billiards, BBC English, Beeb, Big Dipper, Big Issue, Bill, Billiards, Billon, Biro, Bling, Blinkers, Blue-Tac, Boarding School, Bob, Bob-a-job, Bonfire Night, Booze Cruise, Brackets, Britain, Car Boot Sale, Carnival, Carvery, Cashpoint, Casualty, Catapult, Chat Show, Chemist, Cheque, Christmas Crackers, Chysanths, Cinema, Coconut shy, College, Comprehensive School, Conkers, Cot, Counterfoil, Course, Cutlery, CV, Daddy Long Legs, Day School, Desmond, Direct Debit, Directory Enquires, Dirty Weekend, Dodgem Cars, Doddle Bug, Dosh, Draughts, Drawing Pin, Drink Up, Dummy, Egg Timer, Elastoplast, Eleven Plus, Elevenses, Eurovision Song Contest, Fair, Fancy Dress, Film, Finals, Fiver, Flannel, Football, Form, Fresher’s Ball, Fringe, Fruit Machine, Full Stop, Gangway, GCSE, Grammar School, Guide Dog, Gum, Handbag, Hen Night, High street, Hole In The Wall, Holiday, Hoover, Hypermarket, Insects, Jasper, Kiss Gate, Ladybird, Lead, Leaving Do, Letter Box, Licence Fee, Lift, Local, Lounge Bar, Marigolds, Marks and Spencer, Marquee, Maths, Naughts and Crosses, Note, Over The Moon, Oxbridge, Pantomime, Parcel, Pay Packet, Pay Rise, Pance, Photocopier, Pictures, Pillar Box, Plaster, Polystrene, Polytechnic, Pompey, Post, Pontoon, Post Mortem, Post Box, Postcade, Postman, Pram, Prep School, Primary School, Property, Pub, Pub Crawl, Purse, Pylon, Queue, RAF, Railway, Rates, Reception, Return, Revision, Rise, Rounders, Rubber, Rubbish, Saloon, Sellotape, Semi, Serviette, Set Down, Shop, Shopping Trolley, Skip, Skipping Rope, Sledge, Snooker, Spondulicks, Stag Night, Standing Order, Stone, Strimmer, Surgery, Swimming Baths, Telephone Box, Tenner, Tick, Timber, Tippex, Tire, Touch, Tube, TV Licence, TV Programme, Tyre, UK, Underground, University, VAT, Wallent, Wash Up, Way Out, WC, Wedge, White House, Wonga, Year

Word list from Effingpot.com

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  1. I was once asked what nationality I was and when I replied ‘Welsh’, I was then asked “which part of Scotland is that?”

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