Idiom of the Week: “A New Lease Of Life”


The last few weeks have been very busy; I cannot believe how hard it is to raise funds to make my dream of teaching abroad come true…anyway; here is this week’s Idiom of the Week. This week it is “a new lease of life”.

Meaning: If someone has a new lease of life, they have a new enthusiasm for living.

For example:

  • After recovering from her illness, Kathy had a new lease of life and made lots of plans for the future.
  • When my uncle quit drinking it gave him a new lease of life and he started doing things he hadn’t done for years.

Note: The variation “a new lease on life” is used in American English.

Definition from English Club


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I recently applied for a job at my former University as a member of the teaching staff; my degree is in British Sign Language and I thought that this would be a brilliant opportunity to get some cash together and gain some teaching experience at the same time. Alas; it was not to be. I have not been short listed. So, back to saving for an internship. I headed over to i-to-i TEFL and had a look at the internship page; this is what greeted me:

internship info

How exciting right? I contacted i-to-i TEFL and I am waiting to hear back from them. I am wondering if this is possible; I would love to know how much the 50% is as the last time I spoke to i-to-i the price was about £995 (and something) for just the internship. This is due to me completing so many module…I really want this now.

You may have all noticed that there is a new banner here on my page – Forever Living; well ladies and gents I have started as a Distributor of their wonderful products. I will be able to take the business with me when I teach abroad.

Another income will not hurt me; will it?