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I recently applied for a job at my former University as a member of the teaching staff; my degree is in British Sign Language and I thought that this would be a brilliant opportunity to get some cash together and gain some teaching experience at the same time. Alas; it was not to be. I have not been short listed. So, back to saving for an internship. I headed over to i-to-i TEFL and had a look at the internship page; this is what greeted me:

internship info

How exciting right? I contacted i-to-i TEFL and I am waiting to hear back from them. I am wondering if this is possible; I would love to know how much the 50% is as the last time I spoke to i-to-i the price was about £995 (and something) for just the internship. This is due to me completing so many module…I really want this now.

You may have all noticed that there is a new banner here on my page – Forever Living; well ladies and gents I have started as a Distributor of their wonderful products. I will be able to take the business with me when I teach abroad.

Another income will not hurt me; will it?

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  1. Hey, the market for teachers in SE Asia is HUGE. You don’t have to pay anyone to line up a job for you; the demand for teachers in Thailand, Vietnam and China is just massive! I personally think it’s a bit of a scam for these companies to ask you to pay them for the privilege of work, as you’ll be inundated with offers when you arrive in most of these countries, for more money than an internship will get you.

    As you can imagine, the schools that sign on with the internship companies are schools that are looking for a new batch of cheap inexperienced teachers every year, and so often don’t tend to be interested in treating teachers well; they simply want a low-paid white teacher to show off to the parents.

    Look at the website just for jobs in Thailand. This isn’t the best time of year right now, but there are still plenty of jobs up there. As long as you have a degree and a TEFL certificate, you’ll do fine.

    The quality of what you get for your money with an internship can vary quite a bit too. Just looking at the i-to-i tefl internship for Thailand, they offer a 12,000 baht living allowance every month and a room in a shared house. The LOWEST paying TEFL jobs in Bangkok will get you 30,000 baht, minimum, most likely more, and renting apartments here is cheap. has a good cost of living section on its website too to give you an example of some of the costs of things out here.

    It’s good that you’re saving before you come, as you can use that money to get set up in your first month; it’s not so scary to book a one way ticket when you know you’ve got money in the bank to act as a safety net.

    But again, I think handing over your hard-earned cash to do one of these ‘internships’ is a waste. The fact they’re always ‘on offer’ is something else I find unsettling.

    If you want any advice about moving out to Asia, feel free to get in touch.


      • Honestly Jemma, give serious consideration to just coming out here. I know it’s scary, but there are loads of expats out here, and when you’ve made some friends you’ll be glad that you’re getting paid over twice what you’d be offered on the internship. You can choose a school/job that is right for you, an apartment that suits you, and before you know it you’ll be living a lifestyle that you’d never thought was possible!

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