Super Excited!!

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I have just been talking to a lovely lady (waves at Rebecca)  at i-to-i about the Internship to China next year. I am SO glad that the deposit system is now in full force. I can now achieve my dream and teach abroad. I can now afford to go! Yippie!










On the current money I am paid on; I could pay for it in TWO instalments! Fantastic right?

I need to talk to my family and then make the payment really. I know that it is only five months but it is a chance of a lifetime.








I am really excited now…all I need is to book it all!

Wordle Wednesday: “Exercise”


[Posted a day early]

I have been doing a lot of activities over the last few days and I have even started a new exercise regime; which I am loving. So I decided that this week’s Wordle Wednesday will be all about exercise. Crazy I know but we all need to keep fit these days! All of these ‘activities’ can be used with ‘Go’, ‘Play’ or ‘Do’


bike riding, bowling, hiking, jogging, rollerblading, skiing, swimming, walking, badminton, baseball, basketball, Frisbee, golf, soccer, tennis, volleyball, aerobics, calisthenics, karate, yoga, aerobics, zumba, tennis, climbing, tai chi, judo