Here is Ariel; from The Wanderlust Archives who has her own YouTube channel (under the same name). I have been watching her VLogs about her placement in Spain with My Family Abroad. I am absolutley loving her videos! There are so down to earth!

I have been looking on the Job Boards at i-to-i TEFL and I have found a place in Spain (it must be fate, right?!) I have thought about teaching in Spain for a while as it is close enough to home; if anything happens and it far enough so I can ‘be my own person’.

Currently, my mum is away in Cyprus and she is not back for a while *sad face*; I am waiting for her to get home so I can talk to her about the Internship in China and the job in Spain.

Do you think I should post a VLog here at My TEFL Adventures; so you all know who I am?!

Are there any other things you all think I should be writing about?