Idiom of the Week: “Another string to your bow”


Hello and welcome to another edition of Idiom of the Week and for this week our idiom is “another string to your bow”

I personally believe that a person can never have ‘enough string to their bows’ as I feel that learning and gaining new skills is important.



The meaning of “another string to your bow” is if you have another string to your bow, you have another way of making a living. Gaining new or more skills.


For example:

  • •Lots of people learn to teach English so they’ll have another string to their bow.
  • •I’ve lost my job and I’ll have to retrain for something else. I wish I already had another string to my bow.


The origin of “another string to your bow” is probably metaphorical, from the fact that if an archer has a spare string for their bow, they can still shoot an arrow even if their first string breaks.


NB. Variety: This is typically used in British English but may be used in other varieties of English too.