Writing a Wicked Covering Letter…

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Hey everyone; I have found a few jobs that I want to apply for on the Jobs Board. However; they are all requiring a covering letter – I have done covering letters for my current job but I have never really written one for a TEFL position. Does anyone have any tips or tricks for me?

I have a lot of experience of working with people and I know that this is one of the many qualities that the schools that are in need of TEFL teachers want.

Do you think that I should have a generic covering letter and change the name of the “school/company” each time I send it or should I make each letter personal to the School/company?

I want to make it personal for each school/company but when that be truly productive when it comes to applying for TEFL jobs? I have also registered on other TEFL Job Boards that are scattered all over the internet.

IC Bilbao has been one of the places I have been very interested in going to in Spain. I ‘follow’ them on most of the Social Media platforms and I feel that I would fit with all the other members of staff. They have not requested a covering letter; just my CV – which before writing this post I sent my CV to them via their website.


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  1. I meant to comment on your last post about CVs but I never did… it’s applicable here too anyway to I’ll say what I was gonna say….

    I have 3 CVs saved on my computer. I have my original CV for my career back home which is youth work. One was all set up for TEFL teaching, where I have listed all camps I have done seperately to really show the range of stuff I’ve done, one was tweaked for my current job at an international school (where I changed some of the youth worker language into more educational language… instead of being a youth support worker once, I was a learning facilitator.) Same same but different…!

    As for the cover letters, I would use a generic letter and then change the school name and maybe write a couple of individual sentences, if you can think of something specific to say to each one. People know that you will be applying to more than one job and it’s not a crime, but it is nice to have something slightly personal. Oh, and if you can get hold of the name of the person the letter should be addressed to that’s always better than ‘To whom it may concern’ IMO.

    Good luck on the job hunt! And remember to include that you write a blog (you don’t have to put a link to it if you don’t want to – I certainly don’t!!) as that is well worth going on your CV. I also put my Guiding leader experience on there and actually it almost always gets mentioned as it’s such a globally recognised institution.

    Now the only challenge is to fit it all onto one page!!!

    • Many thanks Kylie; Guiding is on my CV! Most of it is my education and experience. Thanks for the tips

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