Apologies; Apologies; Apologies…


My deepest apologies to you all; for not posting anything for the last few weeks , well six weeks! I have had a change in my current job which means I no longer have access to the internet on a daily basis (sad face) however; I have splashed out and bought myself a Tablet thingy which I can post on everyday! Yippie! I can use the Wireless at the place I am now working at on the first half of the week.

I will be catching up on Wordle Wednesday and Idiom of the Week as of Monday; so keep your eyes peeled!

I sent my CV off to IC Bilbao and I have heard back from them – see Writing a Wicked covering Letter – sadly I should have sent my CV to the earlier in the year as all the positions the school has is Part Time ones; I have contacted them to ask about the amount of hours, pay etc. I’ll keep you posted about that.

I have been busy with this new job which has taken me away from this blog; to be honest it kills me not blogging about my adventures. I am always on the lookout for jobs and I have been thinking about setting up my own Online School using Moodle but it could be expensive as I would have to buy a domain and applying to be an online school where people can get accredited qualifications. I will need to do a lot of research before deciding on the idea.