Wordle Wednesday: Weather


Weather Cloud

The British are obsessed with the Weather and this is why I decided that this week’s Wordle Wednesday topic is weather. I am a big fan of the weather; it is an interesting topic. There are many words linked to this topic, but I have only selected a few to start with.

Word List:

  • air
  • barometer
  • blizzard
  • Celsius
  • chill
  • cirrus
  • cloud
  • clouds
  • cloudy
  • cold
  • cyclone
  • degree
  • dew
  • drizzle
  • dry
  • dry season
  • Fahrenheit
  • flood
  • fog
  • forecast
  • freeze
  • frost
  • hail
  • heat
  • hot
  • humidity
  • hurricane
  • ice
  • lightning
  • meteorology
  • moon
  • precipitation
  • pressure
  • radar
  • rain
  • rainstorm
  • rainbow
  • rainy
  • rainy season
  • sky
  • sleet
  • snow
  • snowstorm
  • snowy
  • storm
  • sun
  • sunny
  • temperature
  • thermometer
  • thunder
  • thunderstorm
  • tornado
  • tsunami
  • typhoon
  • warm
  • weather
  • wind
  • windy

Now for some bad news…



As the title states; I’ve had some bad news. As you all read from my last post that I had heard from MEDDEAS…alas I am too old for their Language Assistant positions. The Grant Programme; that occurs within Spain states that the student has to be under 30! I would be 32 at the start of the course! Oh well; back to the drawing board!

Also I have not heard from Speed School of English in Poland. To be honest, makes me a little sad! I will have another look through the Job Boards of i-to-i TEFL and search for TEFL jobs in Europe on the internet over the next few days.

It makes me angry that there are “age limits” on some TEFL jobs; I know students who are in their 60s and 70s…shame really! I just hope that if you are looking into working with MEDDEAS that you are under 30.

Idiom of the Week: “Add Insult To Injury”


Add insult to injury…

Meaning: there are three meaning to “add insult to injury”:

  1. to make a bad situation worse; to hurt the feelings of a person who has already been hurt.
  2. to make a bad situation even worse for someone by doing something else to upset them.
  3. to make a bad situation worse.

For example:

  • He said my clothes didn’t suit me, and then to add insult to injury he said I needed to lose some weight!
  • First, the basement flooded, and then, to add insult to injury, a pipe burst in the kitchen. My car barely started this morning, and to add insult to injury, I got a flat tire in the driveway.
  • The airline charged me extra for checking in a bike and then added insult to injury by charging me for a box to pack it in
  • The bank took back my car, and then added insult to injury by cancelling my credit cards!
  • First of all he arrived an hour late and then, to add insult to injury, he proceeded to complain about my choice of restaurant.


A little piece of news…

Comment 1 Standard

I have heard back from MEDDEAS…that have sent me a Preference Form to complete and return it them. I am very excited about the idea of moving away and living in Spain. I choose to start September 2015; this will give me time to actually print off and download LOADS of resources ready to use with the students. This will also give me enough time to sort my finances and save money for life abroad. I know that I am being a little presumption; but I have decided to stay positive and have the dream of achieving all I can achieve.

I have downloaded from Mind Snacks the Spanish version of their Language App; I just hope that the SmartPhone with behave and allow me to actually ‘play’ the games and learn Spanish.

One of my helpers at my Guide unit is studying Spanish and I think it is great how she can swap from English to Spanish with ease. This reminds me of myself with my Sign Language; as I am always switching between the two. I wonder if I will continue to do that when I am teaching abroad. I will keep you all posted with that…

I cannot believe that we have broken up for the October Half Term today for a whole week; I am looking forward to the time off. This is due to having to plan for my NaNoWriMo novel which I will be completing during the thirty days of November. I am aiming to complete it; well at least the fourth chapter anyway.

I am going to splash out and buy myself a 32GB memory stick (and in the future buy an external hard drive) to store all my Resources upon. I know how much a teacher collects over the year with resources, mark books, displays etc.; I can always create my own if I cannot find what I am looking for, can’t I?

I have ‘bought’ (well it is in my cart ready to buy on pay day) the next two Specialist Modules I have not completed at i-to-i TEFL. Advanced Grammar TEFL Certificate is the last Specialist Module I have left to do…I think I will use that as a reward for completing NaNoWriMo…good idea right?!

FREE ESL Lesson Plan: Make a Group Text


We all have to love English Banana! You all have to have a look at this…

Wow! I have not seen this book…I am a little excited about it now. Downloading right now! As the book is in the public domain; I thought I would share with all of you!

English Banana.com ESL Blog

This is a free lesson plan from You Are The Course Book – Lesson Plans by Matt Purland. You can download the complete book for free here. (.pdf – 6 MB)This book is in the public domain, which means that anybody can use it for commercial and non-commercial purposes.


1. Stage 2.1 First Draft – Initial Ideas:
Explain that the whole group is going to write a shared text with 8 sentences on the board, which includes an agreed number of vocabulary words and phrases. T states or elicits a text type, e.g. an informal email. A SS from one team comes up and writes their sentence at the top of the board. A student from another group comes up and writes the next, and this continues until there are 8 sentences and SS from each group have participated. As they write, all of the other SS have…

View original post 477 more words

Wordle Wednesday: Vegetables


Vegetables Cloud


This week’s Wordle Wednesday is all about Vegetables! I have noticed that there are MANY word lists of Vegetables on the internet; as there are many varieties of Vegetables. Most I have never heard of or even tried (however, I want to try as much vegetables as I can). I know that it is only a small list. Please let me know if this cloud is not right; it looks fine to me but I would love your feedback on this matter.


Word List:

  • asparagus
  • beans
  • beet
  • broccoli
  • Brussels sprouts
  • cabbage
  • carrot
  • cauliflower
  • celery
  • Chinese cabbage
  • corn
  • cucumber
  • eggplant
  • green pepper
  • Japanese radish
  • kale
  • lettuce
  • okra
  • onion
  • peas
  • potato
  • pumpkins
  • radish
  • spinach
  • sweet potato
  • tomatoes
  • turnips

Idiom of the Week: “A Penny For Your Thoughts”


A penny for your thoughts. also A penny for them.

something that you say in order to ask someone who is being very quiet what they are thinking about ‘A penny for your thoughts.’
‘Oh, I was just thinking about how to tell him I’m leaving.’

The saying “a penny for your thoughts” is an English idiom simply asking people to volunteer their opinions on an issue being discussed. Though no payment actually changes hands, the phrase has become a regular part of the English vernacular. In modern usage, it is often stated as an indirect way of asking what someone is thinking about or what is bothering them. Its origins are fairly unknown though it dates back to at least the end of the Middle Ages.


This phrase is basically a proposal, and the speaker is offering to pay to hear the listener’s thoughts. It is an idiom, of course, and not meant literally so no real payment generally takes place. The idea, however, is that the person who says “a penny for your thoughts,” wants to know what the listener is thinking about and is showing interest through a symbolic offer of payment. It is also commonly used when someone seems to be deep in thought or troubled by an idea, as a polite way of giving the person an opportunity to express his or her ideas or concerns.



I would use this as a Plenary for the end of a lesson or even a unit. I would teach what this meant and why it is used in the world of English. Personally; I am always using this but not as much as I thought I did. I have found that people older them myself (a lady never tells her age) ask me (and others my age and below) “a penny for your thoughts” more.


Many thanks to WiseGeek and The Free Dictionary

47 Questions New Teachers Should Ask…


I am sitting on Squarehead Teachers and I have found a post called 47 Questions New Teachers Should Ask.

It is such an interesting post as these questions I know I will need to ask when I start my ‘official’ TEFL teachings. Many thanks for posting this post Mindy; it has opened my mind to what I need to think about before I start teaching.

Sorry Again…




Hello everyone; I am very sorry again! I have not been well and unable to write anything. Also my internet access (which is currently my SmartPhone) as died a horrid death. I am unable to post anything; so luckily I have found a place where I can write a blog post…

Well, I took the plunge! I have applied to TWO TEFL teaching jobs – one in Spain with MEDDEAS and the second in Poland with Speed School of English. Both these companies I have been looking into for a while. I found the job listings on the Jobs Board at i-to-i. I am all excited now! I have also been contacted by Asia Teaching Agents via FB and I have also sent them CV.

For the next few weeks I am going to be all a bag of nerves waiting to hear back from all three. I need a change of scenery and I know that being a TEFL teacher will create this for me. I am glad that I have made this decision. The job in Spain would not start until September 2015; which would give me just under a year to learn some more Spanish and create MANY and MANY resources. I know that leaving the children that I currently work with will be hard and that the work load of the others within the schools I currently work at will increase; however that all depends on if we all have our jobs by next September. A harsh reality for most people at the moment; I am not going to go into a Political debate or a massive rant about the downsprial of the British system. I am just going to stop and smile and think of my life abroad!