FREE ESL Lesson Plan: Make a Group Text


We all have to love English Banana! You all have to have a look at this…

Wow! I have not seen this book…I am a little excited about it now. Downloading right now! As the book is in the public domain; I thought I would share with all of you!

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This is a free lesson plan from You Are The Course Book – Lesson Plans by Matt Purland. You can download the complete book for free here. (.pdf – 6 MB)This book is in the public domain, which means that anybody can use it for commercial and non-commercial purposes.


1. Stage 2.1 First Draft – Initial Ideas:
Explain that the whole group is going to write a shared text with 8 sentences on the board, which includes an agreed number of vocabulary words and phrases. T states or elicits a text type, e.g. an informal email. A SS from one team comes up and writes their sentence at the top of the board. A student from another group comes up and writes the next, and this continues until there are 8 sentences and SS from each group have participated. As they write, all of the other SS have…

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