Now for some bad news…



As the title states; I’ve had some bad news. As you all read from my last post that I had heard from MEDDEAS…alas I am too old for their Language Assistant positions. The Grant Programme; that occurs within Spain states that the student has to be under 30! I would be 32 at the start of the course! Oh well; back to the drawing board!

Also I have not heard from Speed School of English in Poland. To be honest, makes me a little sad! I will have another look through the Job Boards of i-to-i TEFL and search for TEFL jobs in Europe on the internet over the next few days.

It makes me angry that there are “age limits” on some TEFL jobs; I know students who are in their 60s and 70s…shame really! I just hope that if you are looking into working with MEDDEAS that you are under 30.

Idiom of the Week: “Add Insult To Injury”


Add insult to injury…

Meaning: there are three meaning to “add insult to injury”:

  1. to make a bad situation worse; to hurt the feelings of a person who has already been hurt.
  2. to make a bad situation even worse for someone by doing something else to upset them.
  3. to make a bad situation worse.

For example:

  • He said my clothes didn’t suit me, and then to add insult to injury he said I needed to lose some weight!
  • First, the basement flooded, and then, to add insult to injury, a pipe burst in the kitchen. My car barely started this morning, and to add insult to injury, I got a flat tire in the driveway.
  • The airline charged me extra for checking in a bike and then added insult to injury by charging me for a box to pack it in
  • The bank took back my car, and then added insult to injury by cancelling my credit cards!
  • First of all he arrived an hour late and then, to add insult to injury, he proceeded to complain about my choice of restaurant.