Idiom of the Week: Bad Mouth


The idiom of the week for this first week in November is Bad Mouth. I have found that the teenager population; here where I am currently that is, use this idiom rather a lot.


These definitions come from The Free Dictionary. Many thanks to them.

bad-mouth someone or something:

to say negative things about someone or something.

“Mr. Smith was always bad-mouthing Mrs. Smith. They just didn’t get along. John bad-mouths his car constantly because it is too small for him.”

bad-mouth somebody/something:

to say unpleasant things about someone or something, especially in order to spoil other people’s opinions of them.

“She’s always bad-mouthing her colleagues. Bad-mouthing the police is hardly an original occupation.”

I personally use this idiom rather a lot; as it seems that there are many negative speaking people in this world.