Five Instagram Accounts to follow…


Hey everyone; I love Social Media and as you all can see I have a feed to my Instagram account on the left hand side of the blog. Here are five accounts that I follow and I think that some of you may find interesting:


This account is ran by the wonderful Lina from My Hong Kong Husband; as her bio states she is a third culture wife. She is a Polish woman who is married to a man from Hong Kong; who are both living in the USA. I know that it not exactly a TEFL account but Lina is amazing. Her blog posts are just as amazing. It is interesting to see her point of view.

IMG_2726.PNGThis account is of; I have not been following them very long, however I love the pictures that are on the account. It is interesting to see where people, who have done their training with, are currently working in. I have been looking at the jobs on the site; I am keeping my fingers crossed that something will come up.

IMG_2727.PNGBeing a student of i-to-i TEFL; of course I am following them on Instagram. This is just the i-to-i page though. There are currently on posts on the TEFL account – strange right? I am rather excited about seeing where people are at. This account is for the Volunteer section of i-to-i.

IMG_2725.PNGI have only been following Teach The World on Instagram for a few days but it super exciting to see what resources I could use and see them being used. It is amazing to read their website too. Over 20 years experience is fantastic; I hope that I can join them one day.

IMG_2724.PNGSome of you may have already seen this lovely lady; Kylie (who is also from here in the UK – Cornwall to be exact) is a fellow TEFL teacher who blogs at Cornish Kylie and is currently teaching in Thailand. She is a HUGE fan of cats (as am I) and it is beautiful to see Thailand through her eyes. She is an inspriation!

Are there any Instagram accounts you think that I should be follow or think that I should ahve a look at? Please let me know; I LOVE Social Media!