Qualification Update!


I do not know if I am supposed to tell you all this; but I recently asked by a member of staff at i-to-i TEFL to be a ‘tester’ for the new Teaching English Online course ; well today I had the confirmation that I have completed it and I have passed the module. However; I do not know how many hours it is so I will need to contact her and ask her. Also, I completed the Teaching Business English module just before Christmas. I am still working on the Teaching in South Korea module and I need to pay for the Advanced Grammar module. However; I am currently on my second attempt at the final part of the Korean module. I am finding it rather hard to write the answers to the questions that have been set for me. Has anyone else done this module and found this? I really want to complete this module, so I can move on to the Advance Grammar module.

From the Teaching English Online module; I have found that I can teach with an online school or ‘go out on my own’ and then can gain the teaching experience that is needed by most Companies I have bee researching about. I am a little worried about if I did start off on my own; I know that I would not get all the support and back up from an online school. There was a resource list; which I am going to share with you all:


Online Language learning communities

Verbling – https://www.verbling.com/

iTalki – http://www.italki.com/

Verbal Planet – http://www.verbalplanet.com/tutorhome.asp

Palabea – http://www.palabea.com/

I have never heard of these online comunities; I am thinking about joining them to gain some experience and possibly an income from them.


Online Schools

Open English – http://www.openenglish.com/en/careers/

Myngle – http://www.myngle.com/

Berlitz – http://www.berlitz-virtual-classroom.eu/en/employment/apply_online.html

91waijiao – http://www.91waijiao.com/teacher_advertise/about

Tutor Group – http://recruit.tutorabc.com/program/index.asp

kukuspeak – http://www.kukuspeak.com/online-esl-jobs/

English Town EF – http://www.englishtown.com/en-ie/

Ironically; I have heard of two of these online schools (Berlitz and English Town); many years ago I took a Berlitz course but it was a cassette tape (yes it was that long ago) course. I did not do much of it; I borrowed it from the local library. A former work colleague use to work from English Town but as a classroom teacher; knowing him he also did online classes too! He was one of the IT teachers here.