Wordle Wednesday: Buildings & Places


Next week one of the buildings in the county town of Northampton will be demolished; I have been travelling in and out of this building since I was at least sixteen; when I was attending college. This building is the Greyfriars Bus Station. I thought that I would pay homage to this building; many local people felt that it was a horrid sight and needed to be re-built. Alas; this has happened. I have not been in this new bus station (nor the new train station). This is why this week’s theme for Wordle Wednesday is “Buildings & Places”.

Building & Places

Word List:

  • airport
  • apartment building
  • bank
  • barber shop
  • book store
  • bowling alley
  • bus stop
  • church
  • cinema
  • convenience store
  • department store
  • fire department
  • gas station
  • hospital
  • house
  • library
  • movie theatre
  • museum
  • office building
  • post office
  • restaurant
  • school
  • mall
  • shopping centre
  • supermarket
  • train station